Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1839

Chester said, “Isn’t that quite good? Ryan is a member of the Snow family too. Freya can still take care of Dani. Moreover, if Dani has a prime minister’s wife as a mother, she’ll have Australia in the palm of her hands.”

“Why would my daughter want Australia in the palm of her hands? She’s only a month old! ”

Rodney almost died from anger because of them. “ Are you guys still my brothers? Are your words even human language?”

“We’re just stating the truth.”

Chester took a sip of red wine and put down the wine glass. There was confusion in his gaze. “What about you? You kept saying you didn’t want a divorce. You said it’s for Dani’s sake, but after we helped you analyze it, either a divorce or not will still impact Dani. So what are you struggling with? Is it really for the sake of the child or a woman?”

Chester got straight to the point.

Rodney was taken aback. He was at a loss.

Shaun snorted. “You can’ t even feel whether you like a woman or not?”


Did he like Freya?

Rodney was confused.

He recalled when he liked Sarah back then. He wanted to obey her every single moment. He would satisfy everything Sarah wanted, even if it meant becoming a person he hated.

However, to Freya…

Shaun swirled the wine glass. “Liking someone means you want to be with her every single moment. You’ll feel like getting intimate  and having sex with her. Even if you guys quarreled, you’d still want to talk to her. As long as she smiles for you, you’ll feel happy for no reason. Also, you’ll be uncomfortable and jealous when she’s with another person.”

After pausing for a moment, Shaun suddenly chuckled. “Just like right now, I’m with you two, yet I miss Cathy a lot.”

After speaking, he used his phone and took a picture of the wine glass in front of him. Then, he sent it to Cathy. [I miss you.]

Catherine replied to him with a kissing emoji almost immediately.

Rodney and Chester were speechless.

Did Shaun have to show off his relationship like that?

Chester was okay with it, but Rodney strangely felt bitter and envious.

He wanted to be like that with Freya too…

Wait, why would he think of sending “I miss you” to Freya… With a kissing emoji.

Did he really fall in love with Freya?

Thinking carefully, although Rodney and Freya often quarreled, he still liked to be with her. Even if they were bickering,  he always found it interesting.

He would always want to get intimate with her. Sometimes, he would want to kiss her little mouth.

Chester swirled the liquid in the wine glass. “I don’t know love as much as Shaun but I do know that in the morning or at midnight… When that part of yours is aching for a release, who is the woman you’ll visualize in your head… Is Sarah the person you’d think of?”

“Of course not.”

Rodney denied it immediately. His heart skipped a beat.

His mind would be filled with Freya during those times…

Thinking about that, Rodney’s face blushed in embarrassment.

“You should already understand now by whom you think of at those times.” Chester smiled seductively.

Shaun gave Chester a profound glance. “ It seems like you’re quite experienced in this area. Who’s the woman that you’ll think of?”

Chester’s body stiffened.

He would think of Charity in the past.

Whenever he was aching, he would unconsciously think of Charity’s face. Although he would think  she was dirty before, he could not control his mind whenever the moment of release came. However, the woman who appeared lately was Eliza.

He had countless women before, but  the ones that he would think of at night were those two.

“Do I even have to think of a woman? I’m never short of women by my side, ” Chester said indifferently.

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