Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1840

“Sc*mbag. ” After Rodney complained, he gulped down the wine.

“I have to leave.” Shaun stood up. “I want to go back home to be with Cathy.”

Rodney was dumbfounded. He was angry too. “Do you have to do this? You guys were with each other all the time overseas. We only met this one time in a month.”

“ If it weren’t for you bawling in the group chat, I wouldn’t even have come over. ” Shaun glanced at Rodney indifferently. “Do you really want to stay here? If you didn’t fight with Freya, you wouldn’t have thought of us, right?”

Rodney was rendered speechless.

In the past, he liked to have fun with his brothers. At that moment… He suddenly wanted to return home to take care of his child… Then cook something for Freya to replenish her body.

Why did he become like this? He was shocked.

Had he become a househusband?

“Err… I just recalled I have something to do. I’ll be leaving first.”

Rodney stumbled as he stood up. He walked even faster than Shaun.

What on earth did Rodney remember?

“I’m leaving too. You pay the bill.” Shaun patted Chester’s shoulder.

The corners of Chester’s mouth twitched.

What did he do wrong? He was kind enough to come over to accompany his brother, yet it ended up with him being the one left behind.

Chester chuckled. He gazed at the red wine in the glass.

During such a night, he suddenly thought of a woman.

Too bad… She was busy filming in another place lately.

After giving it some thought, Chester gave Shedrick a call. “When Eliza is done filming Director Cheever’s movie, make it so that her schedules

aren’t too far from Canberra afterward.”

Shedrick was speechless. “Eliza is a goose that lays golden eggs. Can you not hinder the company from gaining profits?”

“No, I’m not short of money. I lack a woman.” Chester hung up after he spoke.

Rodney bought an air ticket to Melbourne that night.

When he arrived at the door of the Lynch family’s villa, it was already 11:00 p.m.

He took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.

After roughly ten minutes, Mrs. Lynch walked out tiredly in her pajamas.

“Mrs. Lynch, I’m sorry to have disturbed your sleep at such a late hour.”

With an automatic gate between them, Rodney quickly apologized with a flushed face. “I want to g o in and have a look at Dani and Freya…”

Mrs. Lynch frowned and gazed at Rodney for a while. She sighed. “Freya isn’t  in a good mood. She’s still angry. Sleep at a hotel tonight and come over again tomorrow. However, I guess she’ll want to divorce you if you come over tomorrow.”

“ I don’t want to get a divorce.” Rodney clenched his fists in regret. “ I know I was in the wrong this evening. I’m here to apologize to her.”

“I don’t understand why you young people have to fight as such during the baby’s one-month celebration. However, Freya cried. You must’ve hurt her. I know my daughter well. She’s not one to shed tears easily. Her dad and brother are furious. You should figure it out yourself.”

Mrs. Lynch returned to the villa after saying her piece.

Mr. Lynch and Forrest were in the living room. The security guard had informed them when Rodney appeared but they refused to talk to Rodney. It was Mrs. Lynch who was soft-hearted.

“Why did he come? How does he still have the audacity to come?” Mr. Lynch said angrily, “He angered Freya on the first day after postpartum confinement.”

Mrs. Lynch wanted to say something, but the sound of the baby crying came from upstairs. “I don’t want him to come in, but Dani is used to having Rodney by her side every night. Look, she’s crying harder as Rodney isn’t here tonight.”

She went upstairs when she finished speaking.

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