Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1841

Mrs. Lynch said,  “It’s because  she’s not accustomed to the change in environment. Rodney spends the most time with her, so she probably wants her father to hold her…”

“Mom, don’t say his name.”

Hearing his name now made Freya angry. Even when she looked at the little bundle in her arms, she felt a little resentful. “Do you really want that *sshole Rodney? Let me tell you. He only took care of you for a while. I was the one who worked so hard t o give birth to you. You’re so heartless.”

As if she understood that her Mommy was accusing her, Little Dani cried even harder.

“Why are you blaming her? She’s still so young. What would she know? She’ll hurt her throat crying.”

Mrs. Lynch quickly carried Dani and coaxed her.

Freya sat on the bed, looking exhausted and bewildered.

She really did not know how her life ended up like this.

Under Mrs. Lynch’s patient coaxing, Dani finally fell asleep.

After placing Dani in the cot, Mrs. Lynch said, “ Rodney is at the door…”

“Don’t let him in.” Like a firecracker that had been lit on fire, Freya immediately exploded. “I don’t want to see him ever again. What is he here for?

Does he want to take Dani away? Dream on. I gave birth to Dani, so I’ll raise her.”

“He didn’t say he wanted to take Dani away, but… If he really tries to take her away from you, will you be able to stop him?” Mrs. Lynch sighed. “The whole Snow family is behind him. Yes, you’re the prime minister’s goddaughter, but why did he acknowledge you as his goddaughter in the first place? It was because of Rodney.”

Freya looked at the sleeping Dani. Her heart ached.

She did not understand the pain of losing a child before she became a mother. Yet now, the thought of a divorce and the child going with Rodney made her feel like her heart was being torn apart.

“Mom, you should rest,” Freya said in a low voice.

She wanted to be left alone to calm down. After Mrs. Lynch left, Freya did not sleep. She missed the past.

She missed the ignorant but passionate Freya Lynch in her adolescence.

These years, she had gone through so much that she suddenly found herself exhausted.

It was especially so when Dani began to cry again in the middle of the night.

The nanny and she were unable to coax her no matter how hard they tried.

With the child’s hysterical crying ringing in her ears, Freya broke down and hugged her head in her hands.

The nanny said softly, “Why don’t you call her father in? I heard the guard say that he’s still outside. He didn’t leave.”

Freya froze.

After two seconds of silence, she went out with the baby in her arms.

Rodney was leaning against the wall. Just as he was fighting to keep his eyelids open, the electric gate behind him suddenly opened.

He turned around, only to see Freya come out in pearl-colored silk pajamas that outlined her charmful figure in the night breeze. Dani was laying in her arms, crying and wailing so hard that her voice seemed a little hoarse.

“What happened to Dani?” He hurriedly and eagerly went over to hold the child.

Miraculously, Dani stopped crying the moment she got into his arms and even broke into a smile.

At that moment, Freya’s heart seemed to be doused in iced water.

Perhaps it was because she did not hold Dani much during her confinement period, so Dani became very dependent on Rodney.


Rodney had once asked her to have an abortion, and he even hated the child before.

However, the child did not know. She was like a blank canvas.

All she could remember was who treated her well after she was born.

The nanny lamented, “It was because her father wasn’t around.”

Rodney bowed his head and kissed Dani’s little face. His heart almost melted.

He was too proud of his little darling.

“Look, the child needs me.” Rodney raised his eyebrows and said.

Seeing his delighted expression, Freya blurted out in a fit of fury, “Since she likes you so much,  then just take her with you.”

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