Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1842

Then, Freya turned around and walked into the villa.

She was just a tool to give birth and breastfeed anyway.

How much affection would the child have for her?

Stunned, Rodney quickly chased after her. “Freya, what do you mean? Don’t involve the child in our quarrels. She’s innocent. How can a child leave her mother? If she leaves you today, she’ll definitely cry even harder.”

He did not know which word triggered Freya, but she suddenly broke down and cried.

She turned around and screamed with eyes full of tears. “Do you think I want to leave her? She’s my flesh and blood. But what can I do? Do you want me to suffer with you for the sake of the child? I’ve had enough. I can’t give her a complete home. Your family is so powerful, so I can’t fight  you either, and I don’t want to continue this marriage anymore. I’m so tired.”

Rodney looked at her red eyes, at a loss.

She cried again.

She just wanted to divorce him. She was even willing to give up the child.

His heart clenched painfully.

He did not know if he was hurt by her decision or upset by her crying.

He just felt very miserable.

He wanted to slap himself to death.

As if she could sense her parents quarreling, Dani cried again.

The nanny said, “Don’t fight in front of  the child. It’s bad for her. Let’s talk about it in the morning. ”

Freya felt her heart ache for Dani. “Let the child and him sleep in the guest room, Aunty Lynn. Bring all the child’s stuff over to him.”

She said hoarsely before turning and leaving.

Rodney watched her figure disappear and only then did he slowly follow behind her.

Dani soon fell asleep in his arms.

He looked at the baby’s sweet sleeping face, but he could not sleep.

After a long time, he took a picture of Dani and sent it to Freya. [Look how cute she is when she’s sleeping. Don’t you want to see her sleeping like this at all? I was wrong today and let my mouth run. I shouldn’t have admonished you in front of so many people at the poker table. Don’t be angry, okay? Even if it’s just for Dani, let’s give her a complete home. I promise that I’ll change.]

However, there was no reply even a long time after the message was sent.

Upstairs, Freya saw the message and saved Dani’s picture. Then, she deleted the message directly.

He said he would change?

He had said that too when she went into premature labor. Who would believe him?

Actually, there were no huge conflicts between Rodney and her.

Now that Sarah was gone, her private life was quite good.

Nevertheless, she just felt that this marriage was very tiring.

In fact, she really envied Cathy, even though she had gone through so much with Shaun.

At least they still loved each other.

However, there was no such thing between Rodney and her.

She took out the picture of Dani sleeping, and her eyes watered again.

It seemed like she cried more easily after giving birth to a child.

How depressing.

The next day.

She did not come out of the bedroom until 10:00 a.m.

As soon as she opened the door, she heard the sound of a child’s laughter.

She forced herself not to look or listen and went straight to the dining hall to have breakfast.

All the food that entered her mouth was tasteless.

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