Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1845

What did Rodney say? He must have gone mad.

Freya stood up in a panic. However, she did not notice that her feet were hooked to the stool, so she fell backward onto the ground with the chair.

Pain shot up her body. She wanted to cry.

Sure enough, Rodney and she were not compatible at all.

“Are you okay? Get up.” Rodney quickly reached out to pick her and the chair up. “Did you hurt yourself?”

He reached out to touch the back of her head and even rubbed it gently.

Freya avoided him in fright. “Rodney Snow, are you possessed?”

Rodney’s handsome face darkened. It was not easy for him to muster the courage to reveal his feelings, but he did not expect Freya to think of him like this.

“I’m very clear-headed now.”

He gritted his teeth and said stiffly, “Is it so strange that I like you?”

“Of course it is. The two of us have done nothing but fight and quarrel ever since we met.” Freya pursed her lips with mixed feelings. “And you’ve done so many things to hurt me…”

“That was in the past,” Rodney said in chagrin. “ I was blind before. If I could go back, I would never do those things to you. Freya, we’re married and

have a child together now. I really do like you and want to live a happy life with you. I won’t repeat what I did yesterday ever again. If I do anything that makes you unhappy, you can just tell me. I’ll change.”

“Enough. Stop talking.”

Freya felt like she was going crazy. She covered her ears. “I need to calm down.”

She rushed upstairs without wanting to eat her breakfast anymore.

Rodney was dejected. Was it so strange for him to like her?

“Do you really like my sister?”

A cold voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Rodney turned around, only to see Forrest’s cold and handsome face. He was startled. “Forrest…”

“Do you really like her, or are you just saying that because you don’t want a divorce for the sake of the child?” Forrest stared at him indifferently, his eyes filled with scrutiny.

“O-of course. I really like her, ” Rodney quickly said.

“Then what do you like about her?” Forrest raised his  eyebrows.  “ I recall you both fight constantly. ”

“Can’t I like her even if we fight?” Rodney scratched his neck. “Every time I quarrel with her and see her puff up in anger, I find her very cute. Some people develop feelings by fighting with each other.”

Forrest’s thin lips said coldly, “But I don’t see my sister developing feelings for you after all that fighting. All I see is that she’s always so angry with you that she wants a divorce.”

Rodney was speechless.

Well… Although that was the truth, it was still a little uncomfortable to be told the truth.

“ I heard you used to have a crush on a woman for more than ten years.” Forrest suddenly changed the topic, but this topic made Rodney even more embarrassed.

“That was a long time ago…”

“How good were you to that woman? You say you like Freya, but do you treat Freya a tenth as well as you treated that woman?” Forrest asked again.

Rodney’s handsome face suddenly paled.

He really did treat Sarah differently. Back then, he regarded Sarah as his goddess.

He followed whatever she said and could not bear to say anything that hurt her. As long as she called, he would rush to her right away no matter even if he was abroad.

If anyone said anything bad about Sarah, he would instantly get furious.

“Since you don’t even treat Freya a fraction as well as you did that woman, what right do you have to say that you like Freya? Is my sister inferior to that woman?” Forrest snorted coldly before turning to leave.

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