Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1847

“Compared to Sarah, you’re much more beautiful, capable, smarter, genuine, and kinder. Moreover, you have a better family background and a hotter figure. You beat her in all aspects. It’s normal for him to develop feelings after being with such an excellent person every day.”

“What you said… seems quite reasonable.”

Freya was overwhelmed by Catherine’s words. “ I really am quite an excellent person. I almost forgot how exceptional I am.”

“That’s because you’ve been at home taking care of your child for a long time. Also, what happened with Patrick and Thomas caused you to lose confidence.”

Freya was silent for a moment.

Yes, the incident with Thomas dealt her a huge blow.

“Freya, that was in the past. We have no idea where Thomas ran off to, but he’s nothing now. Besides, he didn’t succeed back then either. Believe in

yourself. You’re the best there is. Since your confinement period is over and there’s someone to take care of the child, you should go back to Canberra and start working as soon as possible.

Didn’t you say you wanted to set up a cosmetics company and go international? My money is waiting in my pocket, ready to support you at any time.”

“ I love you so much for reminding me, Cathy. Just wait. I, Freya The -Chosen- One Lynch, will carve out a new niche in the world cosmetic industry.”

Freya was moved to tears. “I’ve come to my senses. You can continue with Shaun now. Bye-bye.”

On the other side of the phone, Catherine was speechless.

How did Freya become the chosen one so suddenly? Women.


Shaun popped up out of nowhere and held Catherine, kissing her hard.

“Stop messing around. You made Freya laugh at me.” Catherine pushed him away.

“What’s there to laugh at? What we’re doing is natural for a man and woman who love each other.”

Shaun gave her a hot kiss before asking vaguely, “ Are you really going to start a business with Freya?”

“What’s wrong with starting a business? It’s depraved and boring to live such a senseless life with you every day.” Catherine sighed.

Shaun felt attacked.

She said it was boring living such a fantastical life.

“Babe, I promise that you will never feel bored with me.”

Shaun then pounced on her like a large dog.


Freya went downstairs after putting on a face of beautiful and delicate makeup.

Rodney looked up after hearing the sound of footsteps.

His breath was taken away.

Freya had deep—set facial features like a mixed—race person, so coupled with a little dressing up, she exuded a completely different temperament. In an orange floral dress layered with a dark orange knitted outerwear, enchanting earrings hanging under her earlobe, and a small luxury bag in her

hand, she looked dazzlingly beautiful. Sometimes, humans were strange.

When he did not like her, he only thought that she looked beautiful. However, now that he discovered that he liked her, he suddenly felt like everything she wore was stunning.

“Where are you going dressed up so beautifully?” Rodney suddenly became alarmed.

“None of your business. ” Freya did not even bat an eye at him.

“Of course, it’s my business. You’re my wife.”

Freya thought about it and turned back, looking at him like a haughty peacock. “ I’ve thought about it. I’m so beautiful and kind, and I have a good family background and higher education. So what if you like me? I feel like you don’t deserve me.”

Rodney’s eyes widened, suddenly shocked by her flamboyant and domineering aura. “I… don’t deserve you?”

“Duh. You’re the prime minister’s nephew, but I’m his goddaughter.”

Then, she changed into a pair of low heels and walked out.

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