Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1850

You didn’t say anything about bringing Young Master Snow, so how would I know? I’ve never seen him before.” Harley whispered,  “Besides, he’s really handsome. He’s like a hunk. I remember you said that Young Master Snow was an old man in his thirties…”

“Uh… Isn’t someone in their thirties old? I’m  only in my twenties.” Freya said brazenly. “He only looks younger than his age.”

“Forget it. My husband is the same age as me, but he looks like he’s in his thirties and forties. He has also gained some weight in recent years.” Harley sighed. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have gotten married right after graduating from college. Your husband is much more handsome.”

“Forget it. Will being handsome feed me? ” Freya retorted.

Harley blinked. “Of course it can. Otherwise, how would you have taken a fancy to Patrick? But Patrick is not as good-looking as Young Master Snow.”

Freya was speechless.

Fine, she does judge people by their faces, but even she has her standards.

“I’m envious of you,” Harley said.

Well, Freya had to admit that Rodney made her look good in front of her old classmate.

After all, everyone had vanity, and an outstanding person like her was no different.

“Let’s go and visit that store.” Freya pulled Harley in.

In the store, Rodney witnessed women’s ability to shop. They tried almost half of the clothes available at the store.

Sammy was also very wild, jumping and crawling here and there.

Rodney suddenly missed his crying little girl very much.

It was better to have a daughter. Sons were too annoying.

However, he did not dare to show it for fear that Freya would be unhappy.

When Freya finished trying on the clothes and was conflicted on which one looked better,  the shop clerk said, “You don’t have to decide. Your husband has already paid for all the clothes you tried on earlier.”

Freya was stunned and could not help but look at Rodney, who was playing with the child on the sofa.

Harley covered her mouth and chuckled quietly. “ Freya, your husband is so good.”

The shop clerk smiled. “Your husband also paid for your friend’s clothes, saying that it’s to thank her for going shopping with you.”

Shocked, Harley quickly said, “That’s… No. I’ll pay for it myself.”

Freya did not expect Rodney to give her so much face, but she had to admit that he completely satisfied her vanity. “ It’s fine. Just let him pay for it. We haven’t seen each other for a long time anyway, and I have never come back to Melbourne for your birthday before. Think of it as a belated birthday present.”

“Fine, but you have to make it clear to your husband that he shouldn’t pay for my stuff the next round. ” Harley said, “I’ve already benefited more than enough from you today.”

“Come on. We’re friends. Don’t worry about it.”

Since there were too many clothes, Freya filled in their addresses and asked the clothing store to get them delivered.

Later, no matter what Freya took a fancy to, Rodney paid the bill immediately as soon as she changed into it.

She even took a fancy to a ring worth 400 thousand dollars. After she put it on, Harley said that it looked good on her, and Rodney immediately paid for it.

All the salespeople on the first floor were in an uproar.

“Wow, you’re so lucky. You don’t have to open a tab this week.”

“Yeah, I’ve never met such a chivalrous person. He’s her husband, right? He’s so handsome, rich, and generous too.”

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