Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1851

“He even knows how to take care of children. Look how patient he is with that boy.”

“I want a dozen men like this.”

From the side, Freya enjoyed becoming the focus of envy.

Tsk tsk. She had to say that this feeling was quite good.

In the past, only Catherine could experience being a handsome and domineering president’s wife.

However, Freya finally experienced it for herself now.

The ring on her hand was really beautiful.

Also… for the first time, she did not find Rodney’s face as revolting and annoying.

At noon.

The four of them ate outside.

Rodney took the child to wash his hands.

Harley looked Freya deep in the eye. “Are you deliberately trying to aggravate me by asking me out today? I want to change my husband now.”

“I didn’t. He wasn’t like this before, ” Freya said stiffly. “Maybe it’s because we quarreled yesterday and brought up divorce, so he’s deliberately trying to please me.”

Harley let out a long sigh. “If such a good thing happens after quarreling to the point of wanting a divorce, then I will quarrel way more often. That can happen every day.”

Freya was speechless.

It seemed like… that logic was valid too.

“You used to comment on how bad Young Master Snow was. But from what I saw today, he’s handsome, generous, patient with children, and even rich. Those are all the qualities a man needs,” Harley said.

“You don’t understand. Your husband is gentle and considerate…”

“Forget it. Can I live off someone gentle and considerate? Can that put a diamond ring worth 400 hundred thousand dollars in my hand? Can that

allow me to go out and buy clothes without having to pick? Can that let me shop till I drop?” Harley interrupted her.

Freya did not know what to say for a moment.

After thinking about it carefully, it seemed like no one had a perfect marriage.

For example, Cathy was very happy now, but how many twists and turns had she experienced with Shaun over the years? To be honest, if Cathy was not as open-minded, she might not have gotten back together with Shaun.

“By the way, do you still remember Linda Shelby?” Harley suddenly asked.

Stunned by Harley’s question, Freya frowned. Of course, she remembered Linda. When Rebecca came back in a high -profile way some time ago, Linda had thrown in her lot with Rebecca.

However, everyone was busy dealing with Rebecca back then. After she died, Linda and Patrick also disappeared from Canberra.

“ She is back in Melbourne. ” Harley said, “But the Shelby family isn’t like what they used to be. I heard that they’re going bankrupt, and they’ve sold the family’s villa and luxury cars. The Jackson family is the same. Jackson Corporation’s profits are getting worse and worse. They can’t compare to your Lynch family anymore.”

“Oh, they should be getting married.” It had been a long time since Freya heard about those two people.

After getting Patrick to help her last time, she never saw him again.

Harley said mockingly, “ I heard that Linda really wants to get married, but the Jackson family disapproves and keeps delaying it. The Jackson family wants Patrick to find a lady with better conditions who can support the family. Linda really doesn’t have many skills. Although she studied abroad, she had only done odd jobs under Patrick. Back then, Patrick was in a good place and spoiled her rotten. But now that the Jackson family is in trouble, Linda’s abilities are utterly useless. The Shelby family behind her is just dead weight.”

“If there’s anything Linda is good at, it’s acting like a pure and innocent person.” Freya also mocked.

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