Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1852

Freya knew better than anyone how capable Linda was. When Linda was Patrick’s secretary, there were many things that she could not do well.

However, all she did was act like a spoiled child, and with the help of several secretaries behind her, she pretended to be capable and innocent in front of Patrick.

Harley agreed. “Patrick is also an idiot. With your brother’s ability, the Lynch family is prospering more than ever. If he had stayed with you back then, the Jackson family wouldn’t end up a joke in Melbourne like they are now.”

Freya took a sip of milk tea and was about to say something when her eyes suddenly froze. She quickly lowered her head. “We really can’t talk about people behind their backs. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.”

Harley froze and hurriedly looked over, only to see Patrick on the other side of the aisle. However, there were partitions in the middle, so he did not

see them. Instead, he went straight to the second- last table at the back. Opposite him sat a young woman in her twenties wearing purple -red short overalls. Her little round face was not extremely good looking, but she looked like a pretty daughter from a humble family.

Harley stared with wide eyes. “ Did we bump into him on a blind date?”

“Okay. Let’s pretend we didn’t see anything.” Freya covered her face. If she had known earlier, she would not have chosen this restaurant.

At that moment, Rodney came back from the washroom with Sammy in his arms.

Sammy was very wild and would not eat properly, wanting to run all over the place.

Freya glanced at Rodney. “Take his bowl and feed him outside.”

Rodney was at a loss for words.

That was too much. He was hungry too, okay?

Harley quickly said, “No need for that. Young Master Snow, you can just watch some cartoons with him for a while.”

Then, she took out her phone to play Sammy some cartoons, and the child went quiet in an instant.

However, Rodney felt that the atmosphere was very strange. Both women had buried themselves in the food.

Was the food that delicious?

Although it did taste good, there was no need to be in such a hurry.

Just as he was wondering, Harley suddenly got so worked up that she kicked Freya under the table.

Freya looked over as well and saw Linda appear.

She went straight to Patrick and even started to cry. “Patrick Jackson, you’re too much. You’ve been with me for several years. How dare you go on a blind date with another woman behind my back? How can you do this to me?”

The restaurant was suddenly abuzz.

Rodney also looked over and instantly froze. “Is that Patrick Jackson and his mistress?”

“Pfft.” Harley almost spat out her food. She gave a thumbs up. “Young Master Snow has good eyes.

That’s his Mistress 1 and Mistress 2.” Freya was speechless.

Patrick’s expression was unpleasant, and his blind date endured the people’s burning eyes on her and stood up at a loss. “Your parents told me that you’re currently single.”

“He’s my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for several years. ” Linda grabbed Patrick agitatedly. “We’ve even discussed marriage.”

“Is that true?” The woman looked at Patrick coldly.

Patrick’s handsome face was expressionless as he remained silent.


The woman splashed a glass of water on Patrick’s face and stormed off in anger.

“Patrick, let’s head back.” Only after seeing the girl leave did Linda soften her tone. “I know your parents don’t like me that much, but I’ll think of a way for them to accept me eventually.”

Patrick looked at her silently. The woman in front of him changed her face so quickly that he found her unfamiliar. In fact, perhaps he had never understood Linda before.

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