Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1855

Patrick was speechless.

It did seem like he was too hasty.

In other words, he should not have come over to plead for mercy at all.

It made it seem as if he cared about Linda when, in fact, it was Linda who caused Freya and him to end up in this position…

“You don’t need to plead for Linda either. She has already slipped away. ” Rodney jerked his chin at the door with contempt.

That was when Patrick realized that Linda had quietly slipped away while he was pleading for her mercy.

At that moment, his heart went cold.

For that woman, he had misunderstood Freya and lost his first love.


Up until just now, he thought that he would help Linda one last time even though he had broken up with her.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Rodney stood in front of Freya, his eyes full of contempt.

Patrick was too ashamed to stay. With that, he turned around and staggered away.

Only then did the surrounding people, who were watching the show, disperse one after another.

Harley said nosily, “ Did Linda really collude with Rebecca? Hurry up and call the police to arrest her.”

“ I was just deliberately scaring her. The police had already investigated Linda when Rebecca was convicted. Linda was the first person Rebecca contacted after coming back, but Linda wasn’t involved in the fraud, or she would’ve been arrested long ago.”

Rodney snickered and looked at Freya. “I didn’t expect Patrick to be stupid enough to plead for mercy on behalf of Linda. He must have some loose screws in his head.”

Freya was silent, but Harley said, “That’s nothing new. But Linda just ruined his blind date. It’ll be even harder for Patrick to find a good date in Melbourne from now on.”

After lunch, Freya and Harley shopped a little longer before deciding to go home.

Once they got into the car, Freya took off her high heels.

She had not been wearing high heels during her pregnancy, so her heels hurt after wearing them for a while today.

Sure enough, beauty came with a cost.

Rodney started the car and glanced at the rearview mirror from time to time to look at Freya. When he saw her rubbing her feet, he could not help but secretly sigh.

Women were so troublesome. She still wanted to wear those high heels even though they were uncomfortable.

It served her right.

Of course, he did not dare to say it out for fear of being killed by Freya.

“What are you looking at?” Freya caught his eyes that kept flickering to her. “I haven’t asked you yet. Why did you go over there just now?”

“I was just venting for you.” Rodney quickly chuckled and said, “Patrick and Linda hurt you before, so I wanted to scare them off for you.”

“There’s no need. It’s all in the past. ” Freya pursed her lips. She truly did feel that way.

After giving birth to a child, her mind was focused on the child and her body.

The first love in her past had become less important.

Rodney was stunned for a while before he smiled. “It really isn’t that important anymore. You have a husband and child now.”

Freya snickered and rolled her eyes at him. “Get your facts right. You’re about to be laid off as a husband.”

“As long as I don’t sign, I won’t be laid off,” Rodney said with a straight face.

Freya really took her hat off to his lack of shame.

When she arrived at the Lynch family’s villa and stepped foot into the house, she realized that all the clothes, shoes, and jewelry she bought at the mall that morning had been delivered. They were piled up all over the living room.

Mrs. Lynch pointed to the pile of things and complained, “Look. You can shop if you want to, but why did you buy so much? The house can barely fit all of it. Besides, you don’t intend on staying in Melbourne for a long time, so it’s a waste of money. Even if you have money, you shouldn’t squander it like this.”

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