Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1858

At that moment… Freya noticed something off about Rodney.

Her face burst red with disbelief.

On an impulse, she raised her knee sharply. “Urk…”

Rodney let out a miserable scream, waking Dani up immediately.

The little girl burst into tears upon being woken up.

Freya panicked and hurriedly got up on her hands and knees to hold Dani.

Her clothes were all over the place, but Dani soon found the teat and stopped crying.

Next to her, Rodney stood on the side, watching. If it were in the past, she could pretend to ignore  it, but her face was burning. Hence, she could only glare at him. “Can you get out?”

“ I’m in pain. If you crippled me, you have to take responsibility.” Rodney’s pretty face turned bitter, but his gaze was staring hard at Dani’s mouth with an envious expression.

“Judging by how you look, you’re definitely not crippled.”

Freya scolded as he glared at him embarrassingly.

“Don’t worry. For you, I’ll do my best to prevent myself from getting crippled. ” Rodney looked at her swollen little mouth pensively.

There were some things that one could not start. Once they started, they would be addicted.

He was now in that state.

Freya’s scalp tingled. She felt like she was being watched by a malicious, starving wolf. However, she had no choice. The child was still here.

After the baby was full, she hurriedly tidied herself up and did not even take a nap.

Since she did not sleep, Rodney stayed in her bed with Dani.

This was the first time he lay in the bedroom that she grew up in. The whole place was filled with her scent, and all the sheets were pink.

“I realize that… we like similar colors.” Rodney lay on her pillow and grinned. “ I like pink too. Oh, your quilt is orange. I like that too. I like bright and pastel colors.”

“As a fully grown man, you have a lot of nerve to say that you like those kinds of colors.” The corners of Freya’s mouth twitched.

Rodney snorted. “ Is there a rule saying that men can only like cold tones? Some women also like white and black. Besides, this shows that we have a common interest. The greatest fear between a married couple is that they don’t have common likes.”

Freya really was speechless. Besides, she was afraid that she would be forcibly kissed again if she went on like this with him, so she turned her head and slipped out.

When the evening came, Mrs. Lynch had her go upstairs to call Rodney for dinner and see if Dani had woken up yet.

By the time she went up, she saw Dani playing in the cradle by herself.

Meanwhile, Rodney was standing beside her bookcase with a comic book in his hands.

She did not notice it at first, but as soon as she walked over and saw the hot pictures in the comic book, her brain exploded.

She forgot that when she was young, she had bought some sexually explicit comics and put them in the bookcase. She was afraid of her parents discovering them, so she hid them in the most inconspicuous corner and even added covers to them.

She did not expect Rodney to discover them.

“ I didn’t think that… you’d liked stuff like this.” Rodney looked at her playfully. “You call me obscene, but you’re not much better yourself.”

Ah! She was going crazy.

Seeing that her face was turning redder, Rodney became more cheerful. “Look, I told you that we have common interests…”

“Shut up.” Freya felt like she was going to explode.

“Well… There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. ” Rodney really found her embarrassment and frantic expression quite cute. “The book is quite nice.”

“If you like it, then read your fill.” Freya squeezed out a smile that was even more unpleasant than crying and rushed up to snatched the book away, quickly stuffing it into the drawer. “My mom said dinner is ready. Do you want everyone in my family to wait for you?”

Then, she picked Dani up and headed down.

Rodney followed her and whispered in her ear, “ I think that even if you read those books, you didn’t understand them, right? You need a practice target. I’m willing to let you practice on me. I also learned several new positions…”

“Get lost.”

Freya kicked him in the calf.

Rodney narrowed his eyes in pain. Women were really vicious creatures.

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