Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1859

Rodney stayed with the Lynch family for two days.

Although the Lynch family did not look happy to see him, Mr. Lynch and Forrest were both very busy, so they were usually in the company during the day. When they came back in the evening, they only got along for two or three hours before going back to their rooms to rest.

Thus, it did not affect Rodney whatsoever.

Delicious food and drinks were served in the Lynch residence every day, and Rodney found himself getting used to living here more and more.

However, Freya was not used to it. Rodney was just too annoying. Not only did he dig up those sexually explicit comics, but the next day, he also dug up some sexually explicit books that she had hidden away very securely.

In just two days, her pure and elegant image was ruined.

“Can you just go back? I’m begging you, okay? Don’t you need to manage your company?” Freya painstakingly persuaded him.

“The company has a general manager. If there are any problems, they can be solved with a phone call. If he can’t even solve so few matters, then  what’s the point of spending money to hire him?”

Rodney did a lazy stretch. “Besides, is it more important to go to work or to accompany my wife and child?”

Freya was annoyed. Since he refused to leave, she would.

On the third day, she packed up her stuff and went back to Canberra.

However, she did not go back to the villa they lived in. Instead, she moved back to Brighton Gardens where she lived before she got married.

On the grounds that he had to take care of Dani, Rodney brazenly moved in as well.

Freya could not be bothered with him. She had already delayed too much time for the birth of her child. Now that she had a nanny to take care of Dani, she could focus on starting her career.

She previously planned to invest in a makeup company, which had also been delayed because of her pregnancy. However, she could finally start now.

In the next few days, she was busy looking for a place to rent her office. After finally finalizing the place, she asked Catherine out for coffee in the afternoon. Nevertheless, she did not expect Eliza to be present as well.

“Eliza is quite interested in your project.” Catherine smiled.

Eliza sipped her coffee. “I can be your spokesperson. Free of charge.”

Freya was very excited. She knew how popular Eliza was now, and the filming for Director Cheever’s new film was almost coming to an end. The

industry was optimistic that she would win an award for this movie.

“But…” Eliza paused and said seriously, “I hope you’ll become one of the world’s largest cosmetics brands.”

“Of course. The local makeup brands aren’t very good, so I intend to go overseas and make some decent domestic products. Cathy has already tried my samples. They don’t cost much at all, and I want to target the student demographic.”

The three of them talked about starting a business, and in the end, they named the company “


“That name is… so weird.” The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched as she said speechlessly, “How about Freyeli Hall?”

“No way. Your name has to be in it. Besides, Freyeli Hall sounds too tacky.” Freya was very firm with her decision.

Was Freycatheli not tacky?

Catherine looked at Freya’s ambitious expression and could not find it in her to refute.

After chatting, Freya returned home in a good mood, only to find that Dani was not there. Only the nanny was left mopping the floor.

Seeing that Freya was back, the nanny said, “Mr. Snow said he took Dani to see her grandparents.”

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