Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1861

At this point, Rodney just behaved in a nonchalant manner.

“Why don’t… we do it tonight?” Rodney approached Freya with a playful expression.

“Do it, my *ss.”

Freya promptly dodged him while carrying their child.

“Fine then. I’m going to bathe.”

Rodney’s flirting made her face turn crimson. After that, he went to bathe in a cheerful mood.

When he came out of the bathroom, Freya switched off the lights to get ready for sleep.

Nevertheless, Dani did not obediently fall asleep. Shortly after, she started weeping as nobody was carrying her.

After soothing Dani in her arms for a while, Freya felt that her eyes were bleary.

She was really sleepy. It had been a long day without rest.

“Let me carry her. You can rest.” Rodney, who had just taken a bath, approached Freya, his body exuding a fragrant smell. He extended his hands.

She turned her gaze to Rodney, whose short, curly hair was slightly messy. Even so, his exquisite face remained attractive and his thin lips, in particular, looked better than a woman’s.

Despite seeing his face every day, Freya could not help zoning out for a moment.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Is it because I’m too good-looking?” Upon realizing that her eyes were fixed on him, he smiled smugly.

“Yeah. You’re good-looking. ” Freya nodded. “As a man, you look even better than a woman. I’m jealous of your looks.”

Rodney choked. It took him a while to put his feelings into words. “Actually, you don’t have to be jealous of my looks. It’s your honor to be with such a good-looking man like me.”

Freya deliberately grinned and said, “I think it’s because you’re too good-looking that I can’t treat you as a man. Do you get it now?”

That was vicious.

This woman spoke such vicious words.

Rodney carried Dani over with a long face and said indifferently, “You can go to bed now.”

As a night owl, Dani would usually fall asleep at around one or two in the morning. The scene pricked Freya’s conscience. “It’s alright… I’ll look after her.”

“It’s fine,”   Rodney said teasingly, “Given that you’re already not as good-looking as me, you’ll look much worse if you stay up late. I’m doing this so that you’ll be less jealous of me and it’ll improve our relationship.”

“… Haha.”

Furious, Freya covered herself with the blanket and ignored him.

She was wrong. She should not have sympathized with him for staying up to accompany their child.

Hang on. Sympathize?

That was impossible. At most, she was just a little guilty.

Sure enough, women should not be soft-hearted.

In less than two minutes, Rodney could already hear her breathing turn even.

Rodney whispered to Dani, “Kiddo, your mom is a pig. She fell asleep so soon…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was struck on the head with a pillow.

“You’re the pig! ” Freya criticized him in a huff.

Rodney was embarrassed. “Weren’t you already asleep?”

“Maybe I’m not a pig, that’s why I can’t fall asleep so soon,” Freya mocked.

At that moment, Rodney was too afraid to say anything while Dani was just smiling in his arms.

Later, Freya fell into a slumber, but she was soon roused by the pain in her chest.

Her body was not producing milk. Her breasts were rock hard and hurt so much.

However, she did not dare move around since Dani was asleep and Rodney was lying beside her.

Some time later, she could sense that Rodney was slowly moving closer to her. She could feel her hands undoing her buttons.

Her heart raced.

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