Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1862

Freya seemed to know what Rodney was planning to do.

Her instinct told her to kick him away. However, after struggling between pain and shame, the pain turned out to be more intense.

Ultimately, she let him be. Nevertheless, her chest heaved so much that her body felt unusual.

Rodney secretly looked up and found her eyelashes fluttering under the moonlight.

Was she awake?

She was not pushing him away despite being awake?

After a thought entered his mind, Rodney came up with an idea.

He took a deep breath before approaching her and kissing her lips.

Freya’s heart began thumping at that moment. What did this mean?

How dare he jump at the chance to secretly kiss her when she was asleep?!

What should she do now? Should she wake up or continue to pretend to be asleep?

Upon noticing that he was pushing his luck, Freya had no choice but to open her eyes and act as if she was awakened by the noise. She gnashed her teeth and pounded on him. “Rodney Snow, what the hell are you doing in the middle of the night…”

“Wifey, stop pretending.” Rodney grabbed both her wrists and said with a deep voice, “I knew you weren’t asleep. You were already awake just now…”


Freya was extremely shamefaced.

“No. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“You’re acting opposite to your feelings.” Rodney had seen through her. When he saw her flushed face, he felt a tingling sensation. “You can’t get rid of me just because you’ve exploited me. I want you to compensate.”


Freya’s lips were locked once again.

Rodney kissed her until she felt weak. He then said, “Don’t wake Dani. It took me some time to put her to bed.”

The second Freya glanced at Dani who was sleeping soundly, she did not dare to breathe hard.

Nevertheless, once she gave in, Rodney pushed his luck.

The next day.

She was awakened by the baby’s cries. She was alone in the bedroom.

Freya quickly carried Dani. However, the moment she caught sight of the hickeys on her skin, she wished the ground would swallow her up.

How wicked of Rodney!

Although they did not make it to the last step, he had touched the parts where he should not have.

What irked her more was that she was actually aroused…

Ahhh. She must stop thinking about it, or her head would explode.

After washing up, she had no choice but to put on a turtleneck sweater.

By the time she came out, Rodney was playing with Dani. When he raised his head and saw that her neck was covered, a trace of smugness flashed across his face.

“Wifey, you look good in this turtleneck sweater. ”

Freya glared at him in embarrassment and headed downstairs without replying to him.

In the dining room, the sitter pointed at the breakfast and said smilingly, “Young Master Snow woke up early this morning to prepare this meal.”

The breakfast on the table was not as great as what she had during her confinement period. There were only fruit juice, sweetcorn fritters, salad, boiled eggs, and meatballs.

If  this sort of breakfast  was served on any other day, Freya would not have commented on it. At the thought  that he interrupted  her sleep for a long time last night, she was unspeakably grumpy.

“This is all?” Freya purposely found fault with him. “They look unappetizing. I want to eat pasta and—”

“Aren’t  you going on a diet?”  Rodney  interjected.

“What do you mean? Are you saying that I’m fat now?” His words hit a nerve in Freya. “Ha. I knew that you despise me for being fat even though you

said otherwise. Men are all liars.”

In the face of her criticism, Rodney showed an innocent look. He really felt that women were unreasonable. “When you had breakfast in the Lynch family’s house before this, you were the one who kept complaining about the oily food. You said that you couldn’t go on a diet because of the food. I referred to recipes this morning to prepare this meal for you. They may not taste great, but they’re all nutritious.”

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