Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1865

Freya shifted her eyes to the man.

A chic, limited-edition white convertible was parked at the roadside. There was a young man inside, who was wearing a white shirt beneath a linen vest. His curly black hair was parted with a ratio of four to six, while his fringe was blown up, exposing his forehead and exquisite eyebrows. He had pretty thin lips and a high nose bridge where a pair of black-rimmed glasses sat. With his outstanding presence, he looked like a handsome and elegant young man who had just stepped right out of a comic book.

Even a woman like Freya who was used to seeing handsome men zoned out for a short moment.

Previously, she used to think that some male celebrities seemed alluring when wearing glasses.

Next to the man in front of her, however, those celebrities paled in comparison.

Nevertheless… This handsome man looked familiar. When the man noticed her gaze, he smiled smugly.

He took a bouquet of pink roses from the rear seat. After that, he opened the car door and strode toward Freya.

Under everyone’s admiring gazes, he approached her…

As soon as he stopped in front of her, he handed her the roses. The scent filled her nose. “Wifey, here are 27 stalks of roses, which signifies my love for you.”

The man fixed his eyes on her with a smile. His two charming dimples coupled with his familiar voice…

Freya was dazed and shocked to the core.

It was no wonder she found him familiar. It turned out that it was… Rodney.

He had always dressed extravagantly before this. Now that he had suddenly changed his style, he looked like a gentleman. Not only did he change his car and hairstyle but he had also put on a pair of glasses. Anyway, she was so fascinated by his handsome looks that her brain shorted out, which made her unable to react.

Coincidentally, it was time to get off work. As such, a crowd began to surround him.

“Sadly, this handsome man is already taken.”

“He’s not only handsome but he’s also wealthy, fit, and tall. Look at his sports car. It’s a limited edition.

It costs hundreds of billions of dollars. Not everyone who’s rich can buy it.”

“Oh, God. Why am I not that lucky? I admire that woman.”

When Freya heard the chatter of the people around, she lifted her head and looked at the man who seemed to be drawn by a brush. Indeed, he resembled a prince that one would find in a comic book.

Her heart began to thump in spite of herself.

Women were fond of novelty. She had to admit that the sight of Rodney’s new appearance gave her a different impression of him.

It felt as though her calm mind was becoming more and more flustered.

However, the moment she caught sight of someone recording them with their phone, she subconsciously clutched Rodney’s hand and said in a deep voice, “Let’s leave this place.”

After a short pause, she said to Charlene, “You can return first.”

With that, she held Rodney’s hand and swiftly got in the car.

Rodney glanced at his hand that she had just held. He could still feel her warmth on his wrist.

Nevertheless, he had yet to give her the roses. “ Wifey, these roses…”

Freya immediately snatched the flowers and used them to cover her face before she said in a low, muffled voice, “Let’s go.”

Rodney was slightly sulky. Women enjoyed keeping a high profile, did they not?

He was under the impression that Freya would weep tears of joy, hug him warmly, and address him as ‘Hubby’ after he showed up with the bouquet of roses.

He would have spun her happily…


His imagination was too good to be true.

After Rodney started the car and drove away, he was met with admiring stares along the street.

Freya whispered, “Can you close the roof? I don’t want those people outside staring at me.”

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