Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1867

[This young lady must have rescued the universe in her previous life to have such a handsome young lad pursuing her.]

[Lad, why don’t you look for me? You don’t have to pursue me. I’ll be the one doing it.]

[Lad, it’s getting colder. Let me sleep with you to provide you with some warmth. I promise not to charge you at all…]

The various comments on the internet surprised Freya.

Fine. She admitted that Rodney was good-looking. Even so, it seemed that women these days were far from restrained.

However, those comments were understandable. When she was obsessed with some celebrities back then, she had left some shameless comments at the sight of handsome young men too.

If she had not known Rodney, she would have felt jealous as well after watching the video.

As the person involved in the matter, she could not help feeling a little… happy and smug.

Catherine sent her a message. [You’re very smug now, huh?]

Others might not know Freya well, but Catherine, who had been her best friend for years, knew her inside out.

Freya: [Why should I be smug? I’ve gotten him, so there’s nothing special about it…]

Catherine: [I’m just going to stay quiet and watch you bluff…]

This left Freya blushing. Indeed, she was bluffing…

At this moment, the melodious, relaxing music from a violin suddenly  rang out  in the restaurant.

It sounded quite pleasant, and the tune was familiar. Only after listening to it for a while could Freya recognize  that it was  ‘A Whole  New World’.

She used to be familiar with this song when she was younger.

She recalled singing it with Patrick at a karaoke lounge back then.

However, it felt different now that it was being played on a violin. It was more relaxing. A man was singing the romantic song with his elegantly soft voice.

She had no idea who was playing the violin.

She could not help but turn her eyes to the source of the music.

Under the dull lights, Rodney was wearing a vest and a pair of trousers with the violin resting on his shoulder. While holding the strings with one hand, he was giving a violin performance.

As he played the violin, his eyes were fixed on Freya. His alluring eyes behind his glasses sparkled like stars.

Freya froze.

To her, Rodney had always been a good-for- nothing rich man.

She had always thought that he was unromantic and dull.

Nevertheless, he was an outstanding rich man tonight.

She did not expect that he would be able to play the violin.

On second thought, a rich man like him would have learned all kinds of skills from a young person. His ability to play the violin should be surprising.

She just had not seen this side of him before.

They said a talented man could capture one’s heart. She was no exception.

As soon as Rodney walked up to her, two servers pushed a cart with a heart-shaped cake on it. White chocolate was used to decorate the cake, and several words were written on it— ‘You’re my sweetheart’.

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