Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1868

As Freya read those words, a wave of heat crept up her face.

Rodney… Why did he become so cheesy all of a sudden?

After playing the violin, Rodney opened a rectangular box beside the cake and revealed a crescent necklace embedded with melee diamonds. It was stunning and intricate.

Freya was quite a fashionista, so she could recognize that it was from a high-end luxury brand after taking a glance at the logo on the box.

However, she had never seen this design in magazines before.

“ I… requested to have this customized.” Rodney was blushing. “ It’s meant to symbolize passionate love. And there’s even your name engraved on it. Do you like it?”

Complicated feelings flashed across Freya’s bright eyes.

The necklace was undoubtedly pretty and expensive. If the question was whether she liked it or not, she definitely did.

No woman would not like this restaurant, a handsome guy, and an expensive gift.

However, she never thought that Rodney would plan all this for her.

He was a man who had often hurt her and quarreled with her.

Freya felt conflicted.

She, too, wanted a stable and sweet marriage. However, there were too many conflicts between her and Rodney. They would fight almost every day. She was unsure how long the harmony between them could last.

The fact that he said he liked her made her confused.

She still could not understand which part of her was likable to him.


As Freya did not say anything, Rodney pressed his lips together. He said with a serious face, “Actually, when I proposed to you at the Snow family, I did that with the thought of spending the rest of my life with you. Yes, we often fight, but… I don’t fight with you because I dislike you. Maybe we’re used to interacting with each other through quarreling.

However, as a man, I shouldn’t fight with you over every matter. I should be accommodating. I want to apologize to you for all the past issues. I’ll treat you and Dani well in the future. I really like you.

“I like the way you get angry, the way you smile, and the way you scold me.

“When you left after our fight at the Snow family that day, I felt like I had lost my soul. I didn’t have much of an appetite and I couldn’t sleep. My head was filled with thoughts of you. Actually… Maybe I already had feelings for you a long time ago. It’s just that… I’m really dense about relationships. I hope you can give me a chance to pamper you…

“In the future, I’ll take care of the child, cook the meals, and give you money to spend. I’ll pamper you… like a princess. I’ll treasure and love you, take care of you and protect you…”

Toward the end, the blush on Rodney’s face grew a shade deeper.

Freya’s face flushed redder as she listened.

Maybe it was because she never expected Rodney to say such cheesy words.

Her heart was beating fast.

She even strangely thought that Rodney looked pretty cute when he was confessing.

“Your words may be touching now, but… who knows if you’ll go back on them?” Freya muttered and rolled her eyes at him.

To be honest, she did not want to divorce Rodney for Dani’s sake. It was just that their huge quarrel on the day she gave birth and the baby’s one-month celebration had made her really uncomfortable about their current situation.

“No, I definitely won’t. If I ever make you unhappy in the future, just chase me out of the room. I guarantee I’ll own up to my mistakes.”

Rodney inched closer to Freya. “Let me help you… put on a necklace.”

Freya rolled her eyes at him, but she did not say a word or refuse.

Rodney was elated. He quickly bent over and put the necklace on her.

As Freya was lowering her head, she suddenly noticed that there was something in Rodney’s sleeve.

She took it out and had a look when he was not paying attention. Her face darkened in an instant.

“Freya, the necklace looks good on you…” When Rodney lowered his head and saw the little note in her hands, he felt as if a bomb had gone off in his head.

“Rodney Snow…” Freya spat out her words and glared at him with gritted teeth. “ Is this the love you have for me? You even had to hide a note and secretly read from it to confess to me. Tell me, who wrote this for you?”

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