Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1869

Freya was so furious that she slapped the note on his face.

No wonder the words he said just now sounded as if he suddenly had a realization.

She was almost touched. B*stard.

Rodney felt as if a basin of cold water was poured down on him. He also thought he was seeing a volcano erupting in front of him.

He almost broke out in a cold sweat.

“No… It’s not like that. Let me explain…”

“Don’t explain. ” Freya stood up. Disappointment filled her eyes. She did not know whether the disappointment was directed toward Rodney or herself because she had felt the slightest bit of happiness just now.

“You even needed to prepare a small note to confess to me. You don’t like me at all, so you have difficulty expressing the feelings you have for me.

You didn’t write that note, right? Which love expert did you look for? It must  be Chester,  right? He dated so many women, so he must have quite some experience.”

Rodney immediately cried out, “I’m being wronged.”

“Do you dare to swear that you wrote it yourself?” Freya sneered and stared at him.

Rodney’s gaze faltered.

Freya pushed him away and turned around to leave. She did not even want to eat anymore.

“Hey, don’t go.” Rodney quickly went after her. “I admit that it was Chester who helped me write the note, but the words represent my actual feelings. I didn’t ask him to write it for me with other intentions. I was scared I couldn’t speak well and you wouldn’t be touched…”

“Did Chester also write a note for you when you proposed to Sarah in the past? ” Freya halted her steps and asked angrily, “I reckon you didn’t need a note then, right?”

Rodney said, “It indeed wasn’t…”

“Enough. Since you know it yourself, then you surely understand how shallow is the love that you’re talking about.”

Freya was infuriated. She found it ridiculous as well. She was not lacking in any way, but she could not even beat Sarah. “If you had memorized the contents of the note and didn’t secretly place it in your sleeve, I wouldn’t be this angry. Since you want to woo me, please show some sincerity. You can’t please a woman just by changing your clothes, your car, and playing the violin.”

Rodney was frustrated. As Freya walked farther away, his anxiety grew.

“Freya, don’t go.”

He pulled her back. He could clearly see the disappointment in her eyes. He felt that their relationship would really end if she were to walk out of the door. “Actually, I remember all the contents. I was just afraid that I’d be too nervous in front of you…”

“Don’t say anything more. I won’t believe you.”

Freya was unable to push him away. In the end, she exploded. “Rodney Snow, I’m not a fool! You’re just trying to trick me into staying by saying you love me so that Dani will have a family. At the same time, you can have me warm up your bed too. You’ve loved someone before, so you should know what love is, right? What you had for Sarah was love. I’m just a suitable marriage partner to you, and I just happen to be the biological mother of your child. You just can’t be bothered anymore. I understand that feeling. Sometimes, I’m too lazy to be bothered too. As long as we have a harmonious relationship and you stop hurting and agitating me, I can continue to be in a respectful marriage with you. However, you can’t lie to me under the pretense of love.”

“I didn’t. I admit that that was the situation when we got married at first. Since my parents liked you and you were pregnant, I considered you as a suitable candidate for marriage…”

Rodney felt regretful. He did not think that his plans for today would create such a huge misunderstanding. “But I really like you now. People have feelings. After spending time with you every day, I like the feeling of having you in the house. If you’re not around, I’ll look for you everywhere. I like it when you, Dani, and I are together. I used to indulge in eating, drinking, and having fun in the past, but I’m not interested in those things anymore with you and Dani next to me. “

“Enough. I don’t want to listen.”

Freya could not tell what was true and what was not.

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