Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1870

Freya had given her all in a relationship once, but she ended up being heavily wounded.

She did not dare to simply give out her heart anymore, especially when that person used to love another woman for many years.

Rodney lowered his head and stared at her. He was at a loss.

Freya kept resisting and pushing him away. His head was in a mess.

It seemed that she would not believe in anything he said.

Rodney made a decision. He cupped her small face. “ Since you don’ t believe my words, I’ll prove it to you with my actions.”

After he spoke, he kissed her aggressively. Freya pushed him, annoyed.

Rodney pressed himself against her and forced her to take a few steps back until she was pressed against the wall. His kiss was hot and deep.

He had wanted to do this for a long time. However, Dani was beside them last night, so he kept holding it in.

Rodney’s heavy panting echoed in Freya’s ears. She was so embarrassed that she curled her toes.

They were in the restaurant. Although the whole place had been booked, there were still waiters around.

At that moment, the difference in the strength between a man and a woman was evident.

Freya could not even make Rodney budge. She even felt Rodney’s temperature rising.

When he was about to lose control, Rodney quickly grabbed the curtain beside them and wrapped it around them to form a confined space.

“Wifey, feel it for yourself. Is this not love?” Rodney’s body was pressed against Freya’s. She immediately felt the difference in his body.

Freya did not have much experience with guys. She was flustered. “You… Stay away from me.”

“We already have a child together. Why are you still so embarrassed?” Rodney placed his hands on both sides of her head. His eyes were bloodshot. “

Moreover… Besides you, I’ve never had another woman in my life. Although I pursued and dated Sarah before, I was never… like this in front of her.”

Freya wanted to ask what he meant by that.

However, looking at his gaze, it was as if she instantly became mute. She did not dare to believe it. “It can’t be.”

“Ah, I’d be a b*stard if I’m lying to you. It was my first time back in the hotel. You stole my virginity when I was in a blur. After that, I never had another woman. ” Rodney then thought of something. He simply leaned on her and did not move. “I don’t care. You have to take responsibility.”

Freya was dumbfounded. She did not understand how things had developed in this direction. She was clearly furious and about to leave too.

“Oh please, it was my first time too…”

“And I’m willing to be responsible.”  Rodney hugged her shamelessly. “So you have to be responsible too, okay? Learn from me. Actually, you think too highly of me. Do you think I’m a father who can sacrifice my lifelong happiness for a child?”

“Although you love Dani, you’re not a mother who

can compromise and sacrifice your happiness for the child too, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have argued for a divorce before.” Rodney pouted.

Freya glared at him.

“See? Both of us aren’t  that kind of people.” Rodney shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “ So don’t keep saying that I’m making you stay under the pretense of love just to give Dani a perfect family. I’m not that great of a father.”

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