Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1872

“You’re not leaving anymore?” Rodney was glad. “ Then… I’ll go to the washroom. You can start eating first.”

Freya glanced downward with her face flushed. Then, she walked away heartlessly.

Only after she returned to her seat did Rodney go to the washroom in discomfort.

By the time the food was served, Rodney was still not back yet. As such, Freya started eating first, but she ate slowly.

Not long after, Rodney appeared again, well- dressed.

Freya glanced at him. “That was fast.”

“Ahem… ” Rodney choked on water, and his whole face darkened a little. “Why don’t… we go back and try it out tonight? Actually, I’m not that fast— Ow.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Freya stepped on him hard.

“In your dreams. ” She smiled at him as she cut the steak.

Rodney felt as if she was cutting his flesh. However, he was not in a rush. He could take it slow. At least he had taken the first step.

After having their Western meal, they went to a cinema nearby.

When they arrived, Rodney diligently bought some snacks, popcorn, and drinks before bringing her inside.

The cinema hall was quite huge. However, there were only two of them when the movie started.

Puzzled by the situation, Freya asked, “Isn’t this movie pretty popular? Why is there only the both of us here?”

“Oh. It’s because I bought the rest of the movie tickets,” Rodney said nonchalantly.

Freya glared at him speechlessly.

“They’ll just be third-wheelers, so there’s no need for them to be here,” Rodney explained confidently.

“It’s not the weekend, so there won’t be that many people in the first place. You’re wasting money.”

Freya sighed. “Moreover, isn’t the atmosphere the main point of watching movies? If it’s just the both of us, we might as well just watch it in the theater room back at home.”

“Yes, yes. My wife is right. I won’t spend money rashly in the future. I’ll seek your approval every time I spend.” Rodney was smiling from ear to ear. The way she said “you’re wasting money”  made her sound like a bossy wife, and he liked it a lot.

It turned out that having someone in charge of his money felt so good.

No wonder Shaun liked to be bossed around by his woman.

Freya wanted to tell him that was not what she meant. However, seeing Rodney being so self- conscious made the corners of her lips curl upward.

Besides, it felt pretty good to have Rodney suddenly kissing up to her.

It was as if she finally tamed the disobedient husky.

Especially during the movies, she finally did not have to twist the bottle caps open herself.

She also did not have to use her own hands to eat popcorn or tear the opening of a packet of snacks.

That feeling was pretty satisfying.

No wonder so many people liked to be in a romantic relationship.

Since she had not dated in a long time, she almost forgot how awesome it was to be in a relationship.

However, Rodney was too fidgety. He would be squeezing her hands in one moment, then coming near to kiss her in another. It was never-ending.

“Stop it. Can you please? I want to pay attention to the movie?”

“Watch it, then. I’m not covering your eyes anyway.” Rodney pecked her cheek again. “Freya, I used to find it boring when I watched movies with Shaun and the rest. But now, I realize that it’s quite fun. No wonder so many people like to watch movies.”

“Haven’t you watched movies with Sarah before?” Freya asked.

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