Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1874

Freya’s face flushed red in an instant. After all, she recently had a huge fight with Rodney at the Snow family’s and wanted a divorce. Not much time had passed since then, and they were already holding hands again. It looked as if she was spineless.

However, she could not shake off Rodney’s hand at all.

“There’s no need to be shy. You even have a child together. ” Wendy was delighted. “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long that I almost lost hope.

Luckily… You, Rodney, aren’t too stupid.”

“Mom, I’ve always been smart, okay?” Rodney snorted.

“Ha! If you were smart, you wouldn’t have passed off a bad person as good back then. I’ve said long ago that Freya is a good girl. This is good. Your dad and I can be rest assured now.”

Wendy said earnestly to Freya, “If Rodney bullies you in any way, just tell us. I’ll help you to teach him a lesson. If he dares to flirt and fool around outside, I’ll make him leave this marriage without any assets.”

“Mom, am I even your son? I will never flirt and fool around outside.” Rodney pouted.

Wendy rolled her eyes at him. “Well, that’s true. I believe you’re  a person who knows your boundaries. Take a look at those wealthy families in Canberra. How many men are there who didn’t have an affair and an illegitimate child after their marriage? However, that has never happened in the Snow family. Your uncle, dad, and grandfather  are all loyal to their wives.”

“I will be too.” Rodney looked at Freya and said with a serious face.

Freya’s long eyelashes trembled slightly.

This time, she did not push Rodney’s hand away.

Wendy smiled in satisfaction and said, “You two should go on more dates if you can. I’ll take care of Dani for you. It just so happens that retiring has given me more time on my hands. Also, Rodney, you shouldn’t stay at home to accompany the child during the day all the time. Snow Corporation is planning to spend a fortune on entering the electric power system industry. However, your sister has too many things to take care of at the company, so she can’t manage it. Your dad intends to leave the

development of this plan to you and Carson. Do it well.”

Astonishment washed over Rodney’s face. The field of the electric power system was the world’s most competitive industry.

Of course, its potential for development was infinite too. However, the former prime minister’s people kept oppressing Snow Corporation, hence they could not expand into that industry. Now, the whole world had its eyes on it.

As long as he did well, it would be a chance to achieve greater heights in the future.

Wendy had a serious look on her face. “Your uncle plans to research and develop a technology that belongs to us and can occupy a leading position in the world. Don’t let us down. The Snow family will give you our full support as well.”

Wendy’s bombshell of news made Rodney a little absent-minded as he carried the child to sleep that night.

When Freya came out of the bath and saw that he was still in a daze, she teased him. “Why? Are you too excited?”

“A little. My sister and Carson have always handled Snow Corporation’s matters. I thought I would

never have the chance to take part.” Rodney suddenly sat up straight. “I never thought my dad would hand over such a huge project to me. Do you think… he finds me as the most capable younger generation of the Snow family? As expected, the development of Snow Corporation can’t be without me.”

Freya rolled her eyes at him speechlessly. “Oh, please. Your mom said you’ll be working with Carson, okay?”

“Ha, I’m Carson’s elder brother. Don’t I know how capable he is? In the end, he still has to count on me.” Rodney’s expression was smug.

“Do you need me to remind you that on the young billionaire ranking, Carson is leading you by ten positions?” Freya reminded him coldly.

“…Really? Do those kinds of stuff still exist? Why have I never seen it? It must be fake.”

“Mm, it’s fake. Only those rankings with you as Australia’s wealthiest man are real.”

Freya was about to sleep after kissing Dani’s little face.

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