Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1875

Rodney felt attacked.

However, when he smelt the after-shower floral scent on her body, he began to feel antsy again.

What project? What World’s Top Wealthiest People ranking? Those were not as real as the woman in front of him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll work hard to earn money  for you to  spend in the future. Of course,  I know you can  earn your own money, but you can just save your money in the bank.”

Rodney said those nice words and leaned over to try and kiss Freya’s little mouth.

However, before he could, Freya kicked him away. She blushed and said, “Dani is watching.”

Rodney froze. Only then did he notice his daughter looking at him curiously with her wide eyes.

He felt his head hurt. His daughter was cute, but could she not go to bed earlier?

“Honey, wait for me. I’ll tuck our little girl in. ” He hurriedly got up and paced around the house with his daughter in his arms.

However, Dani was stubborn and only fell asleep after half an hour of coaxing. By then, Freya had already fallen asleep.

He looked at her sleeping face with sweetness and annoyance. When would he have the chance to take her to bed?

Half  a month later, Freycatheli  officially launched.

Prior to this, several online celebrities from new media companies reviewed Freycatheli’s products. Freycatheli even used Eliza’s fame to stir up a small wave of hype, which spread the brand’s awareness.

On the day of the launch, the company lobby was filled with flowers sent from all sorts of industries. The cosmetics group under Rodney, Osher Corporation, also forwarded an official congratulations to Freycatheli: [We warmly celebrate the official launch of the Freycatheli Makeup Brand.]

Snow Corporation, Hill Corporation, Hudson Corporation, and Eliza also made similar posts.

Some companies that worked closely with these groups also followed immediately in order to curry favor.

It instantly attracted the attention of the people in the industry, and someone soon found out that the three founders of Freycatheli were ‘ Freya Lynch, Catherine Jones, and Eliza Robbins’.

Those three people were each a subject of talk themselves. Freya was Australia’s princess and had won the title of the world’s most promising cosmetic chemist. Several cosmetics that she developed were very popular all around the world.

Catherine made it into the top ten of the World’s Richest Youths ranking a few days ago. Apparently, her mother was the world’s richest woman, her stepfather was the world’s richest mysterious man, and her current lover was Shaun Hill, the former richest man.

Although Eliza’s status was not as good as the first two, she had more fans and was more well-known than them.

When her fans learned that their idol had invested in a new company, tens of millions of fans surged onto the official website to splurge.

Seeing that the products that had just been launched were about to be sold out, Eliza made a post.

[Freycatheli has just launched these products online, so there isn’t much stock. I hope my fans will buy it rationally because they need it. If they don’t need it for the time being, then don’t waste money just to support me. I believe in my product, and I also hope that fans can give others a chance to try it out and let them experience how amazing Freycatheli is. At the same time, I also hope that everyone who buys Freycatherli’s products in the future will genuinely do so because you believe the products are good.]

The post immediately aroused the admiration of the outside world.

[Eliza really is a celebrity with a good conscience. Many stars start their own companies by using their popularity to recommend them and suck their fans’ money dry. I didn’t like or dislike her before, but I now have a good impression of her.]

[Eliza has always been like this. She personally tries out all the products that she endorses, and the fans who buy them also find them pretty good.]

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