Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1876

[I feel like Eliza is quite confident about the product, so they should be good. I heard that all of Freycatheli’s products were personally developed by Freya’s team. I’ve bought cosmetics developed by her before, and they’re all very good, so I’ll place an order and try them.]

[Freya used to develop cosmetics, but who knows if she’s good at developing makeup products? I don’t believe it.]

[It’s not that expensive anyway. Just give it a try.]

[I heard that their makeup looks quite natural. Even if you use it, guys will think that you aren’t. Also, it doesn’t fade and lasts for a long time, so I’m a little tempted.]

The online discussion was in full swing. Unexpectedly, the company’s inventory sold out on the first day itself.

In the office, the secretary, Charlene said, “Our products are very good. As long as the people using them like them, our popularity will rise. We have to urge the factories to speed up production and set up physical stores in major shopping malls as soon as possible.”

“I wanted to take it slow.” Freya sighed. “I was afraid that developing too fast would cause our competitors to try and push us away. I didn’t want to use our identities to raise Freycatheli’s popularity too.”

Catherine smiled. “Well, there’s the good and the bad. Having competitors is proof that your products are doing well.”

Eliza picked at her nails and said casually, “I didn’t want to make that post. But Rodney’s company made a big deal out of it by sharing Freycatheli’s post, and someone found out our identities, so I had to stand up.”

“Ugh, I already told him to stay out of my company’s business.” Freya sighed.

“It won’t be good for him to show no interest in his wife’s company either.” Catherine grinned and teased, “Even Snow Corporation shared the post. Tsk. It looks like your status as the  daughter-in- law is becoming more and more stable. Will you be giving birth to a son for the Snow family soon?”

“Absolutely not.” Freya’s little face heated up at her words.

“You haven’ t slept together yet?” Catherine was shocked.

“That’s enough. Not everyone is like you and Shaun. You both only know how to have s*x every day.” Freya started to feel uncomfortable, especially with Eliza right beside them. “Cathy, I realized that you’ve become really shameless recently.”

Catherine was snubbed. Now that Freya mentioned it, that really did seem to be the case. However, she was just led astray by Shaun. “Well… do you want  me to give you a few packs of condoms? Shaun bought too much last time.”

Freya gnashed her teeth.  “Thanks,  but no thanks.”

Eliza cleared her throat.  “You guys go on. I have to go and shoot a commercial.”

“Look, even Eliza is leaving.” Freya quickly held Eliza’s hand. “We’ll stop talking about this. Do you want me to introduce you to someone? I recently attended the Snow family’s banquet and know many “No, I have no intention of dating or getting married.” Eliza interrupted her with a faint smile. “ I’m quite happy like this.”

“Being single has its perks, but it’s not that bad being in a relationship— ”

Before Freya could finish, Catherine gave her an ambiguous look. “Looks like Rodney gave you pretty good feelings recently.”

“Well… It’s fine.”

Freya had just said vaguely when the voice of an employee suddenly came from outside. “Young Master Snow, Young Master Hill, why are you leaning on the door instead of going in?”

The three women were speechless.

The outside was eerily quiet for a while before Freya rushed over to open the door.

Rodney took two steps back in panic, his handsome face slightly red. Behind him stood an expressionless Shaun, and not far away was Chester with his hands in his trouser pockets and a vague smile on his face.

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