Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1877

Even a blind person could figure out what this scene was.

Rodney must have been leaning on the door eavesdropping, and Shaun might have been doing the same. Since Chester was standing so far away in a leisurely manner, he should be the only one innocent.

It was very likely that they had heard the women’s bold exchanges inside.

Freya’s scalp immediately exploded, but she did not know whether it was from shame or anger.

“Rodney Snow…”

“I didn’t hear anything. I’m innocent.” Rodney hurriedly shook his head and denied it.

Shaun rubbed his temples. Freya had not even said anything yet. Was Rodney not shooting himself in the foot?

Catherine smiled sweetly. “Young Master Snow, what are you innocent of? I’m confused.”

Rodney was at a loss for words.

Well, now he knew what it meant to give himself away while concealing the truth.

“Wow, you eavesdropped on us.” Freya was so angry she greeted him with her small fist.

However, the woman’s fist did not fall on the man’s body with that much force.

Rodney also did not dare to dodge. As such, he could only take the beating like a punching bag.

“Cathy, I didn’t eavesdrop. ” Shaun went over and pulled Catherine’s hand with innocent eyes.

“Is that so?” Catherine smiled, but the words that left her red lips did not sound warm at all. “I don’t believe you.”

Shaun fell silent before saying, “Actually, I don’t think I bought that much. There’s no need to give them away.”

When she thought of the amount of those at home…

No matter how thick-skinned she was, her face still flushed a little.

“And you said you didn’t eavesdrop? You clearly heard everything.” Catherine also pinched the flesh on his waist mercilessly.

“Shaun, you’re so petty.” Rodney scolded from the side. “Be careful you don’t die of exhaustion in bed.”

“ I won’t. I’m not like you, who doesn’t even have the chance to die of exhaustion,” Shaun retorted.

Rodney seemed deeply insulted, and the atmosphere instantly turned icy.

“You guys better watch yourselves.” Catherine did not want to stay as she felt that it was too humiliating to argue over such things. She said her goodbyes to Eliza and Freya and left with her bags.


Shaun hurriedly followed after Catherine.

“I’m leaving too. I’ll call you when I have time. ” Eliza did not have a good impression of Rodney and Chester, and she did not want to get acquainted with them either. Hence, she left quietly.

Chester’s eyes glinted, and he waved his hand at Rodney. “You guys can continue.”

Then, he left as well.

Freya frowned. “Is he planning to pester Eliza? What is he thinking…”

She tried to chase after him, but Rodney grabbed her arm. “Don’t go. Chester is a bigshot in the entertainment industry. Since your brand just launched, you still need to cooperate with many businesses and companies under him in order to stabilize your foundation. It’s not wise to offend him.”

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