Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1878

“So what if I offend him? Is my friend less important than a company?” Freya snorted. “ Besides, you’re my husband. Don’t you know how to help me?”

“Well… I can only get Chester to help you. Even if you go to my parents or my uncle, they can’t do anything, ” Rodney explained helplessly. “The Jewell family is involved in too many fields.

Whether it’s in the medical or entertainment industry, no one can touch their territories. In the first half of the year, there was a listed company that offended Chester. With just his word, no media company has dared to cooperate in commercials

with that company ever since. Now, that company is dying silently.”

Freya was silent.

Fine. Compared to a big boss like Chester, she was just a little rookie. However, Eliza was in the entertainment circle, so it would be unlucky for her to offend Chester.

Sigh, she was a little worried about Eliza.

“Honey…” Rodney suddenly hooked her little finger to his and looked at her ambiguously. He whispered. “Shall… we try…”

“Try what? Go back. I have to work.” Freya pretended not to understand and walked into her office with her heart racing.

Rodney closed the door and shamelessly went up to grab her hand. “You know what I’m talking about. Look, Cathy is your best friend, yet she never gets tired of doing that. This means that it’s really good

“Or maybe it’s because Shaun is good. You’re not necessarily better than him.” Freya became so flustered  that  she interrupted him with annoyance.

Rodney’s handsome face darkened. “Freya, you’re questioning my ability by saying that. This is a great insult to a man. If I don’t prove it to you tonight, I can’t say I’m a man.”

Freya’s scalp tingled when she saw how serious he looked.

Great. She seemed to have aggravated him. “You misunderstood my meaning. I—”

Rodney interrupted her. “How would you know if Shaun was good at it from the start? He’s been with

Catherine for so long, so I’m sure he slowly improved on it. But what about me? You’ve never even given me a chance. Poor me. I’m already in my thirties, but I’m still an old virgin…”

His words at the start were just to arouse her sympathy, but after actually voicing them, his heart truly felt sour. “I have a wife, but I can’t even touch her. I’ve really failed as a man.”

Freya was speechless to hear his pitiful voice. “If you’re an old virgin, where did the child come from?”

“Freya, my first time was when I was drunk and confused. I barely remember anything about it. What’s the difference between that and being an old virgin?” Rodney pouted. “You don’t know this, but Chester and Shaun always laugh at me in secret because of this.”

“Then you can keep it to yourself, ” Freya snapped. “Do you talk about our private life everywhere you go?”

“Do I need to? Other people just have to look at me to know.” Rodney pointed at his beautiful face and said, “Look, it has the words ‘a man who isn’t nourished by a certain life’ written on it.”

Freya rolled her eyes at him.

In fact, she was a little troubled.

She was actually not averse to sleeping with Rodney. She was just not ready mentally.

Besides… She was embarrassed. There was no need to say stuff like that out loud either. If they got into the mood and things progressed naturally,  she would not push him away.

However, Rodney was a fool who did not understand women’s thoughts.

When they were alone, he got handsy a lot with her. Yet every time they went a step further and she said ‘don’t’ shyly, he would immediately stop.

This kind of man was the opposite of cunning.

“ Stop talking about that and go already. I have to call the factory. All the goods sold out today, so I have to inform the other side to hurry up with the production. I have a meeting later too.” Freya stopped looking at him and lowered her head to pick up her phone to call her subordinates.

Rodney sighed in disappointment and did not dare to disturb her. “Then I’ll walk around downstairs. Call me when you’re done. I’ll take you home.”

“Aren’t you busy with the company today?” Freya asked suspiciously.

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