Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1880

“You’re wrong. I didn’t sell myself to him. I did it because I liked him.” Even if she was not the real Eliza, Eliza was still her friend. She would not allow anyone to humiliate her. “I fell in love with a love rat but was cheated, so I changed.”

“Only you think that way. The other party might not agree.” Chester smiled faintly. “Eliza, you know I won’t be reconciled if I don’t try you. After all, you’ve successfully aroused my interest. Usually, I’ll get tired of someone after sleeping with them a few times.”

“Who knows? What if you end up getting addicted instead? I don’t have a hobby of being a lover.”

Eliza paused and enunciated her words as she said, “ And I don’t have a hobby of sleeping with a person my best friend slept with before either. Even if you’re not disgusted, I am.”

Chester’s face changed slightly. “Will you die if you don’t bring Charity up?”

“She’s very important to me.” Eliza closed her eyes. “She’s dead, but she was innocent and wrongly

accused. You can’t wash your hands off this matter. Young Master Jewell, I don’t expect you to feel regret, but don’t you have a shred of humanity?

You’re the cause of her death, so the least you could do is not hurt her friends.”

“Shut up.”

She seemed to have struck a nerve in him.

Chester pinched her chin fiercely, his eyes cold. “ Who told you all that?”

“Everyone knows about it. Charity’s case is well known among the police. Anyone can find out just by asking a little.” Eliza looked up and smiled. “ Young Master Jewell, it was your lawyer who took the lawsuit. Do you still remember the despair in her eyes when she was taken away?”

Chester’s heart trembled, and he pushed her away.“

Get lost.”

Eliza immediately left without waiting for the car.

Chester stood on the spot and took drags of his cigarette. Soon, his face was covered in smoke.

Sometimes, thinking about that woman was like being in hell.

He often dreamt of Charity in the middle of the night. She trembled in hell, saying, “Chester Jewell,

why aren’t you coming down? Quick, come down and accompany me.”

Hah. In that case, he did not mind being the devil and dragging everyone to hell.

He was a cold-blooded and heartless devil anyway.

“Chester, what are you standing here for?” Rodney came out of the elevator and was slightly surprised when he saw such a desolate Chester.

He went up and patted Chester on the shoulder. “ Did you chase after Eliza?”

Chester did not speak and took a fierce drag from the cigarette.

“Chester, look at you. I think you really need to find yourself a girlfriend. ” Rodney stared at him. “But Eliza might not suit you. She’s Catherine and Freya’s good friend. If you play with her, Shaun and I will be the ones who end up suffering. Why don’t you change your target?”

“Do you still remember Charity Neeson?” Chester suddenly asked.

Rodney froze. He fell silent and felt slightly guilty. “ That’s not entirely your fault. We all had a part in it. Even me…”

“Yes, we all had a part in it, but you two were different from me. I personally sent her to jail.” After Chester finished speaking, he lifted his long legs, got into the car, and left.

Rodney stood in place for a long time. It was not a good feeling.

Even if he felt guilty and wanted to atone, the Neeson family was gone, and Charity was dead. They could not even find her bones. There was no chance for atonement anymore.

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