Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1882

“That’s different. I have to support you.” Ryan beamed with affection in his eyes.

Rodney became really unhappy when he saw this and subconsciously held Freya’s waist, asserting his dominance. “ No need. With me as her husband, I can hold up the sky for her.”

Ryan glanced at the hand on her waist and smiled at her. “What I mean is… I’ll always be your supporter. If Rodney bullies you in the future, I won’t let him.

Freya was very touched.

Rodney said angrily, “Ryan Snow, stop talking nonsense. Why would I bully her? She’s my wife. I’ll love her, of course.”

“Who knows?” Ryan raised his eyebrows. “Watch your words. If you don’t know how to speak, then move aside. ” Rodney looked at him in disgust.

“ I think you’ re the one who needs to watch your words.” Freya rolled her eyes at Rodney. “Ryan came here to congratulate me, yet you? Why are you always targeting him? Go stand in the corner.”

“You want me to stand in the corner?” Rodney was shocked, disappointed, and upset all at the same time. “I’m your husband.”

“And he’s my younger brother.” “You just acknowledge him…”

“I already consider him family, ” Freya said very firmly.

Rodney was very displeased, especially when he saw Ryan’s gloating expression. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Did you hear that? You’re just family.

I’m her lover.”

“Rodney, what’s that supposed to mean? I don’t want to be her lover, ” Ryan said innocently. “Can you not think of us in such a lewd way?”

“You’re nuts.” Freya also felt that Rodney’s thoughts were lewd, so she glared at Rodney and pulled Ryan away.

Rodney was furious at being left behind. Ryan was a cunning fox who was clearly eyeing Freya covetously. Yet, he was still pretending to be a pure and innocent younger brother. How shameless.

No, he could not let them be alone for too long.

Fortunately, Ryan’s identity was not ordinary. Soon, someone came over to toast him on the pretense of congratulating Freya.

“President Lynch, congratulations. Oh, this must be Senator Snow. You truly are young and talented. I didn’t expect to have the privilege to meet you today. I propose a toast to both of you…”

“My wife can’t drink. I’ll drink for her.” Rodney hurriedly leaned in and took Freya’s glass.

Remembering that she had to nurse Dani later, Freya just let him take it.

“Young Master Snow really dotes on his wife, ” the man said with a smile.

“Naturally. Since she wants to start her business, I’ll support her. With Freya’s talent, working as a cosmetic chemist for another company will only bury her talent.” Rodney heaped praises on her.

Freya shot him a complicated look while Ryan took a sip of red wine with a smile on his face.

The subsequent toasts from guests who came over were all taken by Rodney.

Even if he had high alcohol tolerance, he was still drunk after all that drinking.

After the celebration banquet, Ryan and Carson helped to take Rodney to the car.

“Freya, do you really not need my help with sending him home?” Carson was worried.

“ It’s fine.” Freya smiled. “You both should head back early and get some rest. If I really can’t hold him, I’ll ask the doorman for help.”

“Be careful on the way back, ” Ryan said before watching the car leave.

Carson lamented, “I didn’t expect I’d  see the day my brother finally learns to cherish the people around him. This is great. The family would keep worrying about him otherwise.”


Ryan’s eyes were fixed at the direction of the car far away.

Although he had a favorable impression of Freya, he understood that it would be difficult for them to be together with their identities. It was better this way. At least she was happy.

However, he was not joking. If Rodney bullied her, Ryan would not let him off.

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