Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1883

A black Bentley whizzed along the road.

Rodney tilted his head and leaned on Freya’s shoulder. As he was completely drunk, he groaned and said, “Wifey, you smell so good.”

In a daze, Freya said, “Mm.” Considering that the chauffeur was in front, she did not want to talk to the drunkard.

Not only was he drunk, but he was also crossing the line.

“I feel like kissing you…”

Freya was so uncomfortable that she promptly pushed him away.

“Why are you pushing me away? Is it because… you don’t like me?” Rodney instantly acted like a kid and became despondent. “I know everyone dislikes me, including you…”

“No, I don’t.” Freya denied.

“You do.” While speaking, Rodney went to hug her. “Wifey, don’t leave me. I’ll treat you well. Listen to me…”

Freya’s entire face reddened.

His nonsensical words almost made her go insane. How was she going to face the chauffeur tomorrow?

She gnashed her teeth. After that, she locked lips with Rodney in order to stop him from talking nonsense.

Although the wine in his mouth tasted bitter, it was not too bad.

Rodney hugged and kissed her for a long time.

Hearing the movements behind, the middle -aged chauffeur felt awkward and drove faster.

It was hard to put up with the affectionate young couple who were in the first flush of love.

Although the chauffeur had worked for the Snow family for over ten years, this was his first time encountering such a situation.

When they finally arrived at the villa, Freya exerted her strength to push Rodney away. “We’re home.”

“Huh?” Rodney was in a daze. “But I still want to continue kissing you.”

“Let’s get back to our room first, alright?” Freya coaxed him.

Only after a long while did he enter the house with Freya supporting him.

As soon as the sitter heard that they were back, she quickly welcomed them and helped support Rodney as they headed to the bedroom.

“Where’s Dani?”

“Aunty Cally has put her to bed,” the sitter replied.

Freya nodded. The Snow family assigned Aunty Cally here as she was experienced in taking care of children. This made Freya at ease.

Normally, Freya would personally put Dani to bed, but she was burned out today.

After the sitter left, she helped Rodney take off his suit as he had met many people today. She was not comfortable sleeping with someone who wore the same clothes throughout the day. It just made her feel uncomfortable as the germs on the clothes could spread to the bed.

Now that Rodney was asleep, she could not care less.

After looking at him for a while, she decided to change his trousers.

By the time she finished bathing, Rodney was still asleep.

She went to bed. When she almost fell asleep, Rodney approached her and hugged her.

He signaled her with two nudges.


Rodney, who was intoxicated, began to kiss her again.

“No. I want to sleep now, ” Freya muttered.

She kept yawning as she was drained of all energy.

“Wifey, I love you.” Rodney’s passion had been ignited.

Upon noticing that he had lost control, Freya was not sleepy anymore. She was rather anxious. “No, Rodney. I’m not… mentally prepared.”

“Freya, I want you. Don’t reject me. I’ll love and treat you well in the future.”

Rodney spoke sweetly.

He looked at her with his handsome face. Seeing his good looks, any woman would melt in spite of themselves.

Freya’s heart melted for a moment.

When she was deeply in love with Patrick back then, Patrick would keep his composure, unlike Rodney.

Of course, Rodney would not usually behave like this. It was only because he was drunk today.

She was not that resistant to him now.

After all, they were married. She wanted to be in a serious relationship with Rodney as well.

After a moment of hesitation, Rodney managed to have his way.

7: 00 a.m.

There was a bird chirping on the windowsill.

Rodney opened his eyes. After waking up with a hangover, he felt dizzy and had an upset stomach.

The moment he turned around, he was dumbfounded.

He was lying under the blanket with his arms wrapped around a woman. The woman’s pretty hair fell over the pillow and her face. There were hickeys all over the part of her neck that was exposed.

Several scenes flashed across Rodney’s head.

He felt as though an atomic bomb had gone off in his head.

It seemed that he had slept with Freya last night.

They slept together…

This was what he had been dreaming of.

However… he was drunk on such an exciting night… He felt like crying.

He had only experienced it twice in his life, yet he was drunk on both occasions.

It felt as though he had missed out on 1oo billion dollars.

He felt terrible.

No way. He must do it again…

Rodney stared at Freya, who was sleeping soundly. After struggling internally for a long time, he began to move toward her little by little.

When Freya woke up, she wanted to kick him off the bed so badly.

“Rodney, why can’t you leave me alone?”

She was embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. “Freya, I didn’t mean to do it. I was drunk last night, so I can’t remember what happened.” Rodney coaxed and kissed her. “Well, since we’ve done it, let’s continue adding some spice to our love life, alright?”

‘Who wants to do that with you?’

Freya was exasperated and embarrassed. However, now that things had already happened, there was no point in resisting him.

She was just slightly annoyed. She wondered if she should not have let him have his way so soon.

The two of them slept till about ten in the morning.

When they got downstairs, Wendy gazed at them with an ambiguous gaze.

How Freya wished to hide in her room. She felt uncomfortable, yet the instigator beside her was smug.

“Wifey, what do you want to eat? I’ll prepare it for you.” Rodney was constantly hugging her.

Wendy teased, “You can go ahead and prepare breakfast. But Freya, you need to feed Dani first.”

Freya swiftly took Dani over. Then, she went to one corner and fed her.

She was extremely embarrassed and afraid of letting other people notice the many hickeys on her skin.

”Well done, son.” Wendy shot an approving look at Rodney in the kitchen.

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