Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1885

“It’s because of your sweet kiss, ” Rodney said while grinning.

By the time Freya and Rodney finished their breakfast, it was already late. Freya decided not to g o to work. She would stay home to accompany Dani.

Rodney had to go to the office for a meeting. About ten minutes after he drove away, he came back with a pack of pills. “About that… We didn’t use protection last night. Considering that you’ve just given birth, it’s not good for you to get pregnant again now, so take these pills. Later in the afternoon, I’ll… buy some condoms. Then, you won’t have to take the pills anymore.”

Freya glanced at him before she took the pills. Her face was slightly flushed. “Why are you going to buy condoms? Did I agree to it? What’s more… I’m exhausted today.”

“ I know. I didn’t say that I wanted to do it tonight. We can keep them at home.” Rodney shot her a pensive look before he left.

He was elated as he made his way to the office.

If it had not been for Freya’s reputation, he would have shared his joy with Chester and Shaun.

As he was in a good mood today, he smiled at everyone he met.

Carson, who was working on the same project as him, was the first to notice his expression. “ Brother, could you have done something with Sister-in-law after you left the banquet drunk last night? Hehe…”

“Nonsense. We already have a child together. Why would I be so happy over such a thing?” Rodney smiled brightly while denying it. “I’m happy because I have a daughter and my wife is pretty and considerate. Also, I’m happy because Dad handed a large project to us.”

Carson did not bother to expose him. After all, everyone knew that Rodney married Freya only because she was pregnant. He hardly got the chance to do it with her after they got married.

“Well, it’s time you get into a serious relationship, Carson. Settle down and have a child. Only then will it be fun.” Rodney clutched Carson’s shoulder.

“You sound  just  like Mom.”  Carson dodged him.  “By the way, I’ll be heading to Country D to talk business tomorrow. Do you want me to buy something for Sister-in-law?”

“Sure.” At the thought that all the top luxury items with the newest collections were sold there, Rodney quickly said,  “Buy her some necklaces,  watches, and skincare products.”

Carson sighed. “Brother, you shouldn’t give her so many gifts at one go. Otherwise, she’ll be disappointed if you only give her one gift the next time. You can’t satisfy her like this. Give her one gift at a time so that she’ll be surprised.”

“That’s true.” After some thought, Rodney said, “ Bring home about 3o gifts and I’ll keep them first. Then, I’ll give her one gift on each day of the month.”

Carson was speechless.

Who said Rodney had low EQ? Even Carson could not bring himself to do that.

“Brother, where’s Mom and Sister?”

“Figure out their whereabouts on your own. They’re your biological sister and mom. I only care about my wife.” Rodney chuckled.

Carson was at a loss for words, but he understood the situation. Now that Rodney had a wife and a child, he no longer prioritized his mother and sister.

Four days later, Carson returned from overseas. Rodney wrapped up the gifts.

Every morning when Freya woke up, she would find a gift on her bedside table.

At first, it did not occur to her that Rodney was being romantic.

On the first day, she unwrapped the gift and saw an exquisite Vacheron Constantin wristwatch. The dial of the watch was inlaid with shiny diamonds.

She was very fond of it.

However, she ran up to Rodney and asked him for confirmation, “ Is this for me, your mom, or your sister?” “ If I wanted to give it to them, why would I put it on your bedside table?” Rodney was baffled. “Why do you need to ask me about it?”

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