Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1887

“Alright. Drop it.” Catherine looked at Freya seriously. “Anyway, as your friend, I’m glad to see that you’ve settled down in your life. It’s good that you’re moving on from the past.”

Freya was momentarily stunned. Then, she nodded.

Her darkest moment in life was when Thomas hurt her. She thought that she would never get to live a blissful life after that.

The minute Catherine walked out of the office building, Shaun got out of the car and opened the passenger door for her.

Catherine rolled her eyes at him. She pulled the rear door open and got in while ignoring him.

When a gust of cold wind blew past him, Shaun was frozen to the spot. His scalp instantly turned numb.

He then got in the car and asked, “What’s wrong, Cathy?”

Catherine stared at his handsome face coldly without saying anything.

“… Did I do something wrong?” Shaun reflected on himself with a confused look. “Is it because… I hurt you last night?”

At the mention of the matter, Catherine was annoyed and ashamed. “If you don’t know what to say, just zip it.”

“If I zip it, how can I find out why you’re unhappy?” Shaun gripped her hand.

Nevertheless, Catherine broke free from his grip and looked at him with rage. “I realized that… you’re not romantic at all.”

“ I’m not romantic?” Shaun was dumbfounded. “ I always put you as my top priority and listen to you.”

Catherine pursed her lips. “We’re like an old couple and there’s no romance in our relationship. What’s more, we haven’t remarried, so we’re still just a couple.”

The mention of the issue made Shaun feel uneasy. He had yet to remarry Catherine. He had mentioned it to her a few times, but she always rejected him.

Due to that, Shaun had been cautious for fear that she would suddenly leave him one day when she was mad at him.

“Cathy, I want to be romantic too, but we have two kids now. We can’t just immerse ourselves in our own little world. Plus, you enjoy accompanying the kids…”

“Freya and Rodney have a child too, but Rodney is so romantic now. He gives Freya different gifts every day. He gave her a watch one day and a diamond

ring the next. The following day, he gave her a handbag… I’ve never received such treatment, ” Catherine said glumly, “When was the last time you gave me a gift?”

Shaun did not expect Rodney to have gotten it right. Nevertheless, at least he knew now that Catherine was jealous. “Cathy, we just went shopping yesterday, and I bought you some clothes. I even gave you my card…”

“That’s nothing. I want surprises,” Catherine said in a self-righteous manner.

“… Alright then.” Shaun’s head hurt. It was too difficult to understand a woman’s mind.

Regardless, as a man, all he needed to do was satisfy her unconditionally.

“Let me think about it. I’ll give you a surprise as well…”

“I don’t want your idea to be the same as Rodney’s,” Catherine added, “You have a higher EQ than him, so you should figure it out yourself.”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

She wanted a surprise, but it could not be similar to Rodney’s surprises.

What a strict requirement.

“You seem to have some objections?” Catherine asked with a smile.

“No. ” Shaun promptly shook his head. “But when are you going to remarry me, Cathy? Look, Freya and Rodney are already married. I don’t want to be unmarried even after Chester gets married.”

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