Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1892

“Alright, don’t work here anymore. Switch to another job.” Rory looked at Rodney as he asked, “ What do you think?”

Rodney frowned. He said, “She has nothing to do with me anymore.”

Sarah gave a small smile but still looked depressed. “I’m fine with working here. Although it’s a bit tough, this kind of life makes me feel more down to earth.”

After she finished speaking, she left without even turning her head back.

Rodney sat at the table with a cold expression. His good mood was utterly ruined.

He took out his phone, wanting to call Shaun to tell him about Sarah.

However, Rodney suddenly recalled Rory’s words. Rory said that Sarah found President Yard to agitate Rodney on purpose and make him leave her. She did that so he could reconcile with his parents.

It was true that after Sarah hurt Rodney, he realized his mistakes and returned to the Snow family. As Uncle Nathan had become the prime minister, Rodney’s status changed as well.

If it was really true, then he would not have what he had today if not for Sarah’s sacrifice back then.

His thumb stiffened on top of the screen of his phone for a moment.

Rory stole a glance at Rodney’s expression.  “Should I not have called you here? I just did that because your status has changed. In the past, you kept pleasing Sarah, yet she only had eyes for Shaun.

People will always want to have their first love. Look, Sarah has already become like this. You can easily take her to bed and have fun with her. It’s okay even if you secretly keep her by your side as your mistress. With your status, it’s not like you don’t have the right to keep a lover. You can afford it too.”

“Enough. I don’t care about how you choose to fool around,  but you should know that I’m  different from you.”

Rodney found Rory’s words jarring. He grew furious. “Since I’m already married, I won’t do anything that will betray my wife and child.”

“Oh, please. We’re both guys. When Freya was pregnant, you didn’t want to take responsibility and still chose to be with Sarah.” Rory was unconvinced.


Rodney hit the table and got up. His handsome face was filled with anger. “I didn’t like Freya back then, but I like her now.”

Rory raised his eyebrows. He was pissed, but he understood that Rodney was not someone he could offend.

“Fine, just take it as me being nosy. Alright, I won’t say anything more. It’s my birthday today, so do me a favor. Let’s eat,” Rory said as he forced a smile.

In the end, the meal was unpleasant and ended early.

After arriving at the parking lot, Rodney and Rory bid goodbye to each other. When they were about to leave, Sarah suddenly approached them nervously.

“I’m guessing she’s looking for you. I’ll be leaving first.” Rory flashed Rodney a profound smile, then got in his car and left.

Rodney had an icy expression and did not say a word until Sarah stood in front of him with her pale face.

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