Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1893

It was almost winter. A gust of wind blew, and Sarah was shivering under her thin clothing.

Rodney gripped his car keys tight. He asked coldly with annoyance, “What do you want?”

Sarah’s body trembled. She said while holding back her tears, “Rodney, I beg you not to tell anybody that I’m here.”

“You mean Shaun and Catherine, right?”

Rodney sneered icily. “ It seems that you’re capable of feeling fear too. Then why did you help Wesley target Shaun? He was the person you used to love. Shaun became so miserable because of you. Ha, forget it. I almost  forgot  that what  you had for Shaun was most probably not love. When you went to the mental hospital in the past, it was probably a scheme to approach him, huh? How many benefits have you reaped from Shaun throughout  these years? I’ve never seen such a greedy woman like you.”

“No, it’s not like that. I truly loved Shaun back then. I loved him for so long, but how did he treat me in the end? I wasn’t satisfied. I really couldn’t accept that.” Sarah broke down in tears.

Rodney was utterly disappointed. “You finally admitted it. Sarah, you’re too scary. Maybe you’ve been this scary all along. The three of us might’ve just been tools to you—”

“Rodney, whether you believe it or not, it was indeed a coincidence that I met Shaun in the mental hospital back then. I didn’t know who he was. I was just a little over ten years old at that time. How would I have known all those things? I studied psychology so diligently because I wanted to cure his illness. I even went overseas for my studies to make myself good enough for him, yet I experienced the worst nightmare of my life. But I still wanted to be with him. In the end, the man who said he loved me wasn’t faithful anymore after I was gone for only a few years.”

Sarah smiled miserably. “That’s right. I did something when I was giving him treatment. I made him remember that he loved me alone.”

“You’re really crazy.” Rodney found it hard to tolerate and shouted, “Do you know Shaun could’ve become mentally retarded if you had failed?”

“I just thought that it would be fine even if Shaun became mentally retard. At least he would be by my side. It was better than him being with another woman.”

Sarah cried out painfully and said, “I went mad for Shaun’s sake, but he still abandoned me after Catherine came back three years later. During the period he said he wanted to marry me, he would go to Catherine’s place every night and sleep with her. He lied to me again and again. I hated it, so I tried hard to hold onto his money to make him lose his status. At the same time, I wanted to let him know that Catherine wouldn’t be with him if he lost everything. I was never aiming for his money. I just… wanted to make him miserable.”

Rodney was confused. He did not know which of Sarah’s sentences was true and which of them was false. “What about the things that happened afterward? Shaun got hurt again from falling down the stairs. Security footage showed that you went to that place. After Shaun got hurt, you escaped from Canberra. Who else could’ve done it if not you?”

“I did it.”

Sarah was exhausted from crying. She nodded her head numbly. “That’s because after I left you, I was trapped by Wesley. He got to know what I had done to Shaun from Catherine. He wanted to use me.”

After she spoke, she rolled up her sleeves and revealed her scars.

Rodney widened his eyes in shock.

“Wesley locked me up. ” Sarah smiled bitterly. “I was living in darkness every day. I couldn’t even commit suicide when I wanted to. When he wasn’t in a good mood, he would whip and hit me. He said that if I didn’t help him, he would strip me naked and throw me out onto the streets.”

Rodney’s head was buzzing. He kept asking himself if all of these words were true.

However, if they were not true, why would there be so many scars on her arms?

“So… you did the same trick again and made Shaun lose his memories?”

“Wesley was aiming to have me make Shaun a complete retard. I followed his order to deceive him. However, I did some tampering during the process. You might’ve sensed it too. Shaun didn’t really become a retard. He regained his intelligence later on. Toward the end, he would gradually recover his memories, ” Sarah said in a low voice.


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