Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1895

Today, the Snow family has become the most powerful family in Australia. As for Rodney, the Snow family had entrusted him with an important responsibility, so he had started to involve himself in the industry of alternative energy.

If Sarah could get back together with Rodney, she would be able to turn her situation around again.

At the thought of her plan, Sarah felt very satisfied. Hurting her hand was worth it.

Rodney was distracted as he drove back to the villa.

There was only the housekeeper, Aunty Cally, at home.

“Young Master Snow, Young Madam Snow and Dani have gone to the manor to have their meal.”


Rodney nodded and went upstairs with a heavy expression.

About half an hour later, Freya came back with Dani in her arms.

Aunty Cally secretly approached her. “Young Master is back. His expression is weird. I think he has something weighing on his mind.”


Freya nodded with a smile.

By the time she was upstairs, Rodney was already in the shower.

He only came out after she was done feeding Dani. Since the floor heating in the house was on, he wore a T-shirt and a pair of pajama pants, revealing his muscular body.

Yes, Rodney’s body was muscular.

Freya only realized that recently when she was looking at his body. Rodney was pretty fit in parts that were supposed to be fit despite having a feminine face. It felt pleasant to the touch.

Remembering that she had hugged his waist last night, her blood started pumping a little.

“Didn’t you say it was Young Master Wooten’s birthday? You’ re back so early.” Freya dismissed the dirty thoughts in her mind and said, “I don’ t expect you to come back right after dinner. It’s fine as long as you return before 9:00 p.m.”

“I came back after dinner. I find doing other stuff boring.”

Rodney did not dare to tell Freya that he had met Sarah. Hence, he said sheepishly,  “It’s nothing more than going to the karaoke, the bar, or the club. It gets quite boring after a while. I’d rather come home and accompany you and the child.”

Upon hearing that, Freya stared at him attentively. “ Have you finally decided to concentrate on more serious things? If I remember correctly, you used to like having fun with your buddies.”

“Mm, but wasn’t I kicked out of the Snow family last time? All of them avoided me back then, yet now they’re trying to please me. It’s pretty meaningless. Not many of them are sincere.” Rodney took Dani over from Freya’s embrace. “ Baby, did you miss Daddy?”

Dani grinned and laughed happily when she saw Rodney.

Then, Freya remembered Aunty Cally’s words. She hesitated for a moment and asked, “How’s your work going? I heard Carson saying there were some problems with the project  at Cairns a while back…”

“The problem has been solved, and everything is going smoothly there. I may have to go over for a business trip once in a while, but don’t worry. I’ll come back after a day or two at most.” Rodney quickly hugged Freya’s waist. He felt an itch in his heart as he gazed at the stunning little face of the woman in his embrace.

However, Sarah’s sad face flashed across his mind for one moment, and he felt troubled again.

“Freya, you can take a shower. I’ll play with the baby.”


After Freya got up, Rodney stared at her back and thought, ‘So what even if Rory’s words were true?’ He already had a married life of his own anyway.

He was satisfied. Once he verified whether Sarah’s words were valid or not, he would send her away immediately.

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