Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1896

At night, Rodney tossed and turned in bed. Luckily, Sarah did not contact him.

After a few days had passed, Rodney had to go on a business trip to Cairne for two days.

The night before he left, he could not miss out on making out with Freya.

“Wifey, I’ll be going for two days. Let’s do it once more, okay?” Rodney pestered her by kissing her.

Freya could cry. It was already the second time, and she was utterly exhausted. “Hey, you’re only going for two days, and I’ve already made the payment upfront. Do you know no shame?”

“No, I still have to collect the interest.” Rodney kept arousing her.

Although he did not have much experience before, that did not stop him from learning more from his experiences. He could finally put them into use.

Freya was also a rookie in that area. However, since they had spent so much time together, they knew

each other’s bodies to a certain extent. Rodney knew which parts she liked, so he would keep stimulating that part.

Soon, Freya could not resist anymore. Rodney was about to have his way.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“The phone…”

“Ignore it.”

Rodney was not in the mood to care about the call. Only after they were done did he turn his body and pick up the phone lazily. There were two unknown missed calls and two messages.

[Rodney, can you come  to our manor? My boss found an excuse and insisted  on keeping  me tonight. There’s only the both of us here now. He’s looking at me strangely.]

[Can you come quickly? I’m hiding in the bathroom. He’s waiting for me outside. I’m so scared…]

It turned out that the call just now was from Sarah. Rodney shuddered.

The last message was received ten minutes ago.

For a woman who was waiting for help, many things could have happened in that time frame.

“Wifey, you can go to sleep first. I have to go out because of an urgent matter. Don’t wait for me.”

Rodney quickly put on his clothes before he rushed out in a hurry without even doing his hair.

He was so fast that Freya could not even react.

She did not know what had happened to put him in such a hurry.

Could it be a company matter?

Freya felt a little uncomfortable. She felt like she was a rag that was thrown aside after its use.

Usually, Rodney would help her to take a shower and wipe her body.

She was usually not that unreasonable. Perhaps she was just too tired that day.

She did not even have the strength to get down from the bed.

Forget it. She could not be so narrow-minded. After all, anyone would have urgent matters.

Rodney sped toward the manor.

Even though he drove very quickly, it was about half an hour later when he arrived.

During that time, he called Sarah’s phone, but no one picked up.

He hit the steering wheel a few times out of frustration. He should have picked up the phone call just now. Was he that hungry for s*x?

Sarah had experienced a devastating shock when she was in the US. If she were to go through it again Rodney could not imagine it.

By the time he arrived at the manor, the doors were closed. Hence, he climbed over the wall to get in. Out of the whole manor, only the dining area on the second floor had its lights on.

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