Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1898

“This house is terrible. It’s not safe for a woman to live here alone. Go and find another place to stay. If you spend wisely, this money should be enough for a month…”

Sarah hesitated before asking, “Can you find a place for me? I don’t dare to run around now, and the housing agencies need to see an ID card…”

Rodney frowned. He did have a property under his name, but he had told Freya about it before.

Although she did not check, it would be troublesome if she found out.

He thought about it and called Rory. “Let Sarah live in the small apartment  under your name  for a month. I’ll pay the rent.”

“Oh, so you’ve decided to care for her after all,” Rory teased.

“It’s not what you think…”

“It’s fine. Since Young Master Snow has asked,  I’ll get it done. I guarantee that no one will know about this. At most, I’ll declare to the public that I have a

sugar baby. I have a ton anyway, so one more doesn’t matter.”

With that, Rory gave him the address of an apartment.

Rodney then sent Sarah to Rory’s apartment.

“Don’t go to work this month. Just stay here. If Shaun is fine, then I’ll send you abroad.”

After that, he drove away.

It was already 1:oo a.m. by the time he returned to the villa.

He quietly took a bath downstairs before going upstairs to sleep.

Freya was already asleep.

When he looked at her and recalled what happened tonight, he could not fall asleep.

The next day, Freya woke up and asked him, “What time did you come back last night? I didn’t know you came back at all.”

“Around 1:00 a.m. You were sleeping like a little pig,” Rodney said vaguely.

“You’re the pig.” Freya hammered her fist on him but did not use much strength. “What did you do last night? You left in such a hurry.”

“There was an emergency at the company, so I went over to solve it. It’s fine now.” Rodney was afraid that she would ask more questions, so he quickly turned around to tease Dani.

Freya looked at him for a moment and kicked him lightly. “No gift today?”

Rodney froze for a while and quickly said, “There is, there is. I came back too late yesterday and forgot to get it. It’s in the car. I’ll go get it now.”

Within a few minutes, he came back with a gift box.

Freya opened it and took a look. It was a brand new scarf from a high-end foreign luxury brand.

It was also the perfect time for her to wear it now.

“Thank you, hubby. ” She plucked up the courage and moved over to kiss his face gently.

After the kiss, she felt quite embarrassed. After all, it was her first time consciously calling him hubby.

The previous times she called him was because he had forced her to while they were in bed.

She did not feel shy back then, but she did now. Rodney was overwhelmed. “Say that again.”

“No.” Freya turned her head and left.

“Come on, honey. ” Rodney took her into his arms.

Freya closed her eyes. Now, she really wanted to carry on this marriage and live a good life.

She could tell how well Rodney treated her. Furthermore, he was good-looking, rich, and a good cook. He even had a great body. They were together day and night, so it was only natural for her to feel something for him. After all, she was human.

Of course, she had not reached the point of falling in love with him yet.

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