Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1900

“Young Master Snow, it’s been a while. You look more and more dashing.”

President Yard grinned at him as if they were very close. “I heard that you’ re with an excellent lady these days. Congratulations.”

Rodney’s handsome face was cold. “I don’t think I deserve your congratulations, President Yard. In your eyes, I’m probably just a useless piece of trash. I still remember every word you said to humiliate me.”

“Young Master Snow,  that was a misunderstanding, ” President Yard said with a vague smile. “Besides, you should thank me instead. If it weren’t for my words back then, how would you have returned to the Snow family, let alone married a beautiful and loving wife? Now, you have  a successful career and a happy  family. You can be considered a winner in life.”

Rodney suddenly remembered Rory’s words. His heart moved slightly as he sneered, “So you’re saying I should thank you instead.”

“Exactly. ” President Yard raised his eyebrows and nodded.


Rodney snickered. If they were not in public, he would have punched President Yard already.

To be honest, he no longer cared about President Yard.

“President Yard, since you know that my career is going well, you should understand that I’m not the same as I was before. As long as I say the word, the project in your hands will be stopped, your funds won’t be returned, and your value will plummet. I can make you go bankrupt.”

There was a flash of fear in President Yard’s eyes, but he still smiled and said, “That’s not necessary, Young Master Snow. We don’t have such a huge grudge between us. Besides, even though it looked like I took Sarah away back then, nothing happened between us.”

“Do you think I’ll believe that?” Rodney looked at him coldly.

“ Speaking of Sarah, she really cares a lot for you.”

President Yard said, “When she cured my family’s illness, I wanted to pay her, but she refused to accept my money and said she wanted a favor from me. She requested me to pretend that she cheated on you with me so that you would misunderstand, give up on her, and leave on your own accord. When I asked why, she said she didn’t want to see your company suffer. She said that your family doesn’t like her, and she didn’t want you to leave them for her since she was also afraid that you would regret i t in the future. Even when you guys were together, she could tell that you really wanted to go back to the Snow family. However, you couldn’t because of her. You even drifted away from your best friends.

“She hoped you could continue to be the spirited and ambitious Young Master Snow you used to be, without being ridiculed and trampled on.”

President Yard took a sip of red wine and glanced at Rodney’s lost expression. He then smiled. “I’m telling the truth. She also knew it was hard to get you to leave, so she asked me to cooperate with her and portray her as a gold-digging, selfish, and vicious woman. That way, you won’t feel guilty about leaving her.”

“Why should I believe what you’re saying?” Rodney suppressed the shock he was feeling and asked in a low, cold voice.

“You can go ahead and check what I’ve done this year. I’ve only had two women, and I’m about to get married in two months.”

President Yard shrugged. “Less than half a month after that, I left the capital to develop and invest in Cairns. Sarah didn’t come here, and there were no monetary transactions between us. In fact, Sarah knew your location and deliberately took me to the bar that day. When we went to the hotel, we got separate rooms. You can go ahead and check. You’ll find records of what I’ve said.”

Rodney was as motionless as a statue.

President Yard raised his glass. “As I said, you should thank me instead. If I hadn’t played along with her, how would you have been willing to return to the Snow family? Now, your uncle is the prime minister, and you’re married to the prime minister’s goddaughter. Your family is also so satisfied with you that they’ve handed over big projects of Snow Corporation to you. Now, you’re held in high esteem and respected everywhere you go.”

“Think about what would’ve happened if Sarah continued to stay by your side. You would’ve had to lower yourself to the ground while looking at the high and mighty Snow family. You’d be ridiculed by others, and your friends would distance themselves from you. If your career doesn’t go well, your family will ignore you and protect another woman instead. Don’t you get jealous when you see your elder sister and younger brother climb higher and higher? As time passes, you won’t be happy either. You might even come to hate Sarah.”

Rodney felt conflicted. “Did she tell you all that?”

President Yard nodded. “Women are always more rational and can see further than men. Sarah said she liked you, so she should stay away from you and let you fly high instead.”

After the party, Rodney did not know how he made it back to the hotel. His mind was filled with what President Yard said.

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