Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1901

When Rory said it last time, Rodney did not believe him.

However, it was different when it came from President Yard, who was directly involved.

He could not fathom Sarah using such an embarrassing method to leave him because she wanted him to spread his wings and fly high.

It turned out that she really did like him.

It turned out that she had made so many sacrifices for him.

It turned out that he had been wrong about her.

She suffered so much, yet he swiftly married another woman and had a child.

Rodney suddenly felt like a sc*mbag. Just then, Freya called.

When he saw her name, he had no idea how to face her.

Freya was innocent. He knew that.

However, when he thought of Sarah’s cautious appearance and how humble she looked when she was working in the restaurant, he was overwhelmed with guilt.

The phone rang and stopped.

Rodney stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window for a long time. Then, a knock sounded at the door, and Hans came in. “Young Master Snow, the Missus called me earlier, saying that you didn’t answer her call. She was worried about you.”

“Was that what she said?” Rodney asked while feeling conflicted.

Hans fell silent.

In fact, Freya’s actual words were, “Rodney didn’t pick up my call. Did he drink too much? Go and check up on him before he drinks himself to death. I don’t want Dani to lose her father so young.”

Although the words were a little rough, the concern was definitely there.

“Hans, check President Yard’s relationship history and find out if he and Sarah slept in separate rooms the night I broke up with Sarah. ” Rodney was silent for a moment before giving the order.

Hans froze, feeling a little sad for Freya. “Young Master Snow, that’s… not a good idea. You’re married.”

“ I know. I just want to clarify something. Even if it’s true, I don’t plan to divorce Freya. I’ll just… make it up to Sarah a little more,” Rodney said.

“But if the Missus finds out… The consequences will be terrible.”

“Then don’t  let her know.” Hans frowned.

Women could be exceptionally perceptive sometimes. He was not as sure and optimistic as Rodney.

Ten minutes later, Freya received a call from Hans. “ Young Master Snow drank too much tonight and went straight to sleep after returning to his room.”

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