Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1902

“Why did he drink so much?” Freya was slightly surprised.

She remembered that Rodney would not usually drink much when he went out to socialize.

She did not expect him to be so liberal on a business trip.

If a woman took advantage of his situation, it would be easy for him to get drunk and do something disorderly, right?

“There were too many big shots tonight, so Young Master Snow couldn’t refuse them. After all, those people came to Cairns earlier than him, and they might work together in the future.” Hans tactfully spoke up for Rodney.

“Alright. In that case… tell the hotel to serve him a light breakfast tomorrow. Also, tell him that he’s not allowed to get drunk again.”

Freya then hung up immediately.

Sometimes, she still had to show concern for him.

After all, if she wanted to carry on this marriage seriously, she could not be too unreasonable.

Rodney was absent.

After she finished with work, there was no one to rush her home. Hence, she took Dani and went on a walk with Catherine.

Catherine also brought Lucas and Suzie along. The two children were overjoyed when they saw Dani.

“Mommy, Dani looks prettier and prettier. She was like a wrinkled monkey when she was born.” Suzie pinched Dani’s little face. “I like her a lot.”

“If you like her, tell your mommy to give you one.” Freya teased with a smile.


Catherine almost choked on her tea, and she rolled her eyes speechlessly. “You’re insane.”

“Having us is enough for Mommy.” Lucas said coolly, “Godmother, you can give Dani a younger brother.”

“There’s no need for that. You can help me protect her in the future.”

Freya hurriedly waved her hand. Give birth again? He must be joking. She never wanted to experience that kind of pain ever again.

“Will the Snow family agree if you don’t have a son?” Catherine frowned. “Although the Snow family likes Dani and you very much, they’re a big family. They attach a lot of importance to family succession.”

“There’s still Carson,” Freya muttered.

“That’ll depend on whether he has a boy or girl after he gets married. If it’s a girl, you’ll have to have another child.”

Catherine sipped her tea quietly.

The Hill family may be complex, but they were much simpler compared to the Snow family, who were involved in both the political and business circles.

Otherwise, Old Master Snow would not have held back for so many years and used the Snow family’s heart and soul to push Nathan onto that high pedestal.

“We’ll see.” Freya was a little distracted.

In fact, after Dani was one month old, they would sometimes go to the Snow family’s place, where the other women in the family would start to joke that she and Rodney could prepare for their second child in another year.

She smiled and remained silent. The family elders did not say anything either, which meant that they tacitly agreed with it.

“Yeah, there’s no rush. When Dani is older and your relationship with Rodney improves, maybe you’ll want to have a child with him willingly in the future.”

Catherine took out her phone. “I received this message yesterday.”

Freya leaned over and saw that it was a message from an unknown number. [Sarah Neeson has returned to Canberra. Be careful.]

She froze. “Who’s it from?”

“I don’t know.” A name flashed in Catherine’s mind, but she did not voice it.

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