Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1903

“Sarah is really back?” Freya was surprised. “ Is it just a ruse, or is it true? Haven’t you and Shaun been looking for her?”

“Yeah. There’s been no news.”

“The person who sent the message is much more skillful than you?” Freya was filled with doubt. “ They found her even though you didn’t?”

“I think it’s true. Whoever this is should be Sarah’s enemy,” Catherine said. “I don’t think we’re the only people Sarah provoked. Besides, don’t you think it’s strange that Thomas disappeared?”

“That’s true. I quite hate Thomas, but since he disappeared, I don’t even have the chance to get even.”

Freya became inexplicably upset. Sarah was a person she absolutely hated.

During Catherine’s accident back then, she was badly hurt by the Neeson siblings. Of course, the most unforgivable thing was the death of Charity’s parents.

“But Sarah lost all her backers. Why is she back? If I were her, I’d hide overseas and never come back.” She could not help but mutter.

“I don’t know. ” Catherine gave her a thoughtful look. “Keep an eye on Rodney.”

Freya’s heart skipped a beat. “What for? He won’t be that stupid. Come on, Sarah humiliated him miserably back then and trampled on his dignity. He hates her to death.”

“I’m  just being cautious.”

Catherine pondered deeply. “After what happened with Rebecca, I’ve learned to never underestimate women who are good at pretending to be innocent. Sarah’s schemes are no weaker than Rebecca’s. In fact, she might be more dangerous than Rebecca. After all, she played Shaun, Chester, and Rodney like fiddles. Do you think that’s something Rebecca could’ve done?”

Rebecca definitely could not.

Rebecca simply relied on Wesley’s help and took advantage of the mother Catherine had never met…

Freya said irritably, “If Rodney gets involved with Sarah again, I’ll castrate him, divorce him, and make sure our paths never cross again.”

“ I’m just asking you to keep an eye out. It should be impossible. After all, he’s not that stupid.” Catherine laughed. “Rodney has everything he could ever wish for now. He has a beautiful wife to hold and his cute, lovely daughter. He wouldn’t bear to let you go.”

Freya scoffed. “True. I’m much better compared to Sarah. We have to catch her this time and avenge Charity.”

“That’s for sure.”

These two days, there was not much contact between Freya and Rodney.

She only knew that he would come back on the third day, and when she called to ask, Rodney said that he would not arrive in Canberra until 7:00 p.m. Hence, she did not have to pick him up or wait for him to have dinner.

However, on the morning of the third day, she was developing a new product in the laboratory when a lady from the entertainment circle whom she met at a banquet sent her a picture. [I just came back

from overseas and saw Young Master Snow as soon as I arrived at the airport. Hehe.]

Freya opened the photo. Although it was a little far, she could tell that the figures were Rodney and his secretary, Hans. The two suitcases that Hans was carrying were the same as when they left.

However, Rodney said that he would only come back at night. Why was he back at 11 a.m.?

Being lied to did not feel good.

She comforted herself by saying that maybe Rodney had an emergency.

Rodney had such long-lasting feelings for Sarah, which showed that he was not a person who would easily change his mind. Furthermore, the marital relationships in the Snow family were quite good.

She thought about it before calling Rodney and asking casually, “What are you doing?”

“I’m still inspecting the factory here in Cairns.” Rodney then joked. “Miss me?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back tonight. Wait for me.”


Freya hung up the phone and looked at the photo on her phone again. Her heart went numb.

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