Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1904

Why did Rodney lie?

Was it to do something behind her back, or… did he want to surprise her?

Freya would rather believe it was the latter.

For the entire morning in the laboratory, Freya found no progress in the research of this product at all. She even made several mistakes as she was absent-minded.

The assistant next to her said, “President Lynch, why don’t you go back and rest for a while if you’re not feeling well?”


Freya also realized that she was distracted and in a bad state.

After changing her clothes and going downstairs, she sat in the car and was quiet for a long time before driving to Snow Corporation’s subsidiary.

This was the new place Rodney worked at. She rarely came here, but the receptionist was a quick-witted person. Perhaps she had seen Freya’s picture online before, so she immediately welcomed Freya in.

“Are you here for President Snow? He hasn’t returned from his business trip,” the receptionist said gently.

Freya smiled. “ I know. I just happened to pass by and thought of seeing Second Young Master Snow. ”

“Second Young Master Snow just left half an hour ago. It seems like there’s a dinner gathering tonight.” The receptionist looked apologetic. “He might not come in again today.”

“Well, I should’ve called him before I came. It’s fine.”

Freya smiled and waved her hand. However, when she turned around to leave the office, her expression sank.

It seemed like Rodney came back earlier but not to go back to the company.

Of course, he might have gone to Osher Corporation, but she did not want to go there.

It was senseless to investigate so carefully.

Maybe she’ll find out the truth at night.

After returning to the villa, she finished dinner and gave Dani a bath along with the nanny. Only then did she finally hear the sound of a car from outside.

Soon, Rodney came in dragging a suitcase.

With his white trench coat and slender legs, he looked as he had just walked out of the cover of a magazine.

Freya had seen many male celebrities wear white before, but no one had such a noble temperament like he did.

Some people were just born with it.

Nevertheless, Freya was not in the mood to appreciate what he was wearing today. That was because she noticed he was wearing a beige jacket in the photos that the lady sent her.

Why did he change his clothes?

Freya really did not want to speculate maliciously.

To her, Rodney only made a stupid mistake about Sarah, and they quarreled and bickered in ordinary times. However, he had no bad habits.

“Honey, Dani, I’m back. I brought you presents. ” Rodney came over and hugged Freya and their daughter. “But I didn’t have time to go shopping by

myself. I heard Hans say that the pearl necklace there was very good, so I bought you one. As for Dani, I bought her a doll I saw at the airport.”

He took out the gift. The pearl necklace was very beautiful, and the doll could sing.

When Dani heard the voice, she was so happy that she flailed in laughter.

“Look, Dani likes it.” Rodney hugged his daughter and used the doll to play with her. “Did you miss me, baby? Daddy missed you so much.”

He kissed her little face. He really did miss her.

This was the first time he left her for several days ever since she was born, so he was not used to it.

Freya stared at him and could not describe what she was feeling. At first, she thought that when she returned in the afternoon, Rodney would suddenly appear and say he came back early to give her a surprise.

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