Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1905

However, Freya had spent the whole afternoon waiting for Rodney. The longer she waited, the more disappointed she grew.

“What time was your flight?” she asked casually.


Rodney lowered his head and looked at his daughter, feeling slightly guilty.

In fact, he had returned in the afternoon, but he went to investigate the matter regarding the hotel. He found out that Sarah and President Yard did indeed sleep separately that night.

It turned out that Rodney had misunderstood Sarah.

This meant Sarah did not betray him when they were in a relationship.

She made those provocative remarks to make him leave of his own accord.

Later, when he went to visit her, he did not feel good seeing her hiding in her small apartment reluctantly.

Hence, he accompanied her for a meal before returning home.

He would not be who he was today if Sarah had not left him early on.

However, behind his blissful life was the sacrifice of another woman.

At the thought of the moment when he proposed to Sarah, he felt that he had wronged her.

What he could do right now was try to compensate her in other aspects.

“Have you had dinner?”

“I’ve had it on the plane,” Rodney replied as he tickled Dani’s chin.

“I see…” Freya smiled and went upstairs for a shower.

After Dani fell asleep at night, Rodney lay beside Freya. At first, he was so guilty toward Sarah that he was not in the mood to do it with Freya. However, he got a scent of the fragrance on her body, and it had been a few days since they did it.

With that, he could not help but kiss her. “Freya, did you miss me? I missed you very much…”

Freya was quite resistant to his kiss.

Since Patrick had betrayed her previously, she tended to overthink things and wondered why Rodney lied to her.

“Really? Is it your body or your heart that missed me?” Freya looked away to dodge his kiss.

“Both.” Rodney planted a kiss on her cheek. Her skin was great, and she smelled great.

“You said you missed me, but why didn’t you pick up my call in Cairns?” Freya stared deep into his eyes. “ It was fine if it was during the day. After all, you might have had something to deal with. But were you also busy when you were alone in the hotel at night?”

Rodney froze and said promptly, “I didn’t pick it up that night only. I was drunk, so I slept immediately after I returned to the hotel.”

“Oh. What a wonderful life you had out there. I wonder if you randomly got a woman and slept with her when you were drunk,” Freya teased.

“Who could I have gotten?” Rodney looked aggrieved.

“Who knows? I guess quite a few bosses would send women over to please you. After all, you’re Young Master Snow,” Freya mocked.

“The women in the party did wink at me, but I ignored them. Freya, don’t take me as a casual person. As I said, if I were, I wouldn’t have lost my virginity to you. I’ve never done it with any other woman except for you.”

Rodney felt deeply wronged.

No matter how guilty he felt toward Sarah, he had never thought of betraying Freya.

He was quite particular when it came to this kind of matter. He was not a casual person.

“Don’t always bring up this point. That was my first time as well. ” Freya said in distress, “What’s more, you’ve been acting like a wild animal since you did it with me. Who knows if you would have the intention of doing it out there after your first experience?”

“Please, it’s because of you that I act like a wild animal. I don’t act like that out there.”

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