Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1910

Any woman would long for a wedding.

Furthermore, when some people gossiped about Freya, she felt ashamed.

Freya instantly went quiet.

Rodney froze too. After glancing at the woman beside him, he was racked with guilt. “Yeah, we must have a wedding.”

“We’ll hold it before the new year then.” Old Master Snow said in a good mood, “Make it grand. You can book an island in Albany.”

“Yeah.” Wendy agreed joyfully. “We’ll have a helicopter to pick the bride. As for the wedding gown, we’ll hire the best designer to design it.”

Jason also agreed. “Get the preparation started tomorrow. Let’s leave it to your mom to hire the best wedding team. Alright, Freya?”

Upon hearing it, Freya was stunned. Only after a while did she come to her senses and answer, “Yes. I think that’s a good idea.”

“Good.” Old Master Snow said, “Rodney, you’d better put more effort into the wedding and be serious about it. There will be a lot of wealthy and noble people attending your wedding. What’s more, it’s Freya and your wedding. It only happens once in a lifetime.”

“Grandpa, I will.”

Rodney promptly nodded in acknowledgment.

After dinner, Freya and Wendy sat together to look at some of their favorite wedding pictures on the phone.

Freya got excited when talking about her wedding since money was not her concern. “Mom, won’t it be too troublesome to pick me up from Melbourne to an island in Albany in a helicopter?”

“What’s so troublesome about it? The flight will only take an hour plus. The whole of Melbourne will see your grand wedding, and all the women in Australia will be jealous.” Wendy grinned.

Undeniably, women understood women’s thoughts best. “Rodney, am I right?”

“Yes, yes. Whatever you say is right, Mom.” As soon as Rodney finished nodding, he could not help but think that Sarah would see that too. In that case, she would be jealous.

He then thought of that woman. The better he treated Freya, the guiltier he felt toward Sarah.

Just as this woman came across his mind, he received a call from her.

He walked to the dining room while feigning calmness. “What’s the matter?”

“Rodney, can you… come over? The electricity here went off all of a sudden, and I accidentally fell down in the dark, ” Sarah said weakly.

“Are you alright?” Rodney was so shocked that he quickly asked in a deep voice.

“I think I’ve sprained my ankle.”  Sarah muttered,  “ I have no idea why the lights are off. I glanced outside and noticed that the elevator was a little…”

“I’ll ask Hans to go over first, and I’ll come over later. Don’t move around…”

“No.” Sarah said bashfully, “I was just trying to wear my pajamas when I sprained my ankle, so I’m not dressed appropriately. But I can’t move. Can you come over and put on a shirt for me?”

Rodney took a glimpse at Freya in the living room and tightened his grip on his phone. “Alright, I’ll come over right now.”

After hanging up, he racked his brains to come up with an excuse. Then, he walked to Freya and said, “ Wifey, I’ll have the chauffeur to send you and Dani home. Mr. Micheal, whom I’ve always wanted to meet previously, has suddenly returned to the country. He’s available tonight, so I need to go over to meet him now.”

Freya was dumbfounded while Wendy asked, “ Who’s Mr. Micheal?”

“He’s an expert in lithium batteries, and I want to ask him something,” Rodney responded.

“Go ahead. then. I’ll have the chauffeur to send them home in a while.” Wendy waved her hand. Then, she held Freya’s hand and said, “Come. Let’s continue.”

Freya nodded.

Rodney let out a sigh of relief before he swiftly drove  to Sarah’s apartment.

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