Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1914

“No need. Mom has asked us to attend a mini fashion event. We’ll meet Courtney there and ask her to design our wedding outfits for us,” Freya said indifferently.

“Okay, okay. I promise to pick you up on time. By the way, was Dani fine last night?”

“She wasn’t well, so she threw tantrums the whole night.” As soon as Freya finished speaking, she hung up in annoyance.

Rodney scratched his head in distress.

At night, he went to the fashion event with Freya.

However, Freya pulled a long face throughout the event.

Rodney was apologizing to her non-stop, “I’m sorry, Freya. I swear I won’t set my phone to silent mode anymore. I had no choice but to do that last night. Mr. Micheal knows core technologies very well, and I was too engrossed in the conversation. I’ll take care of Dani tonight so you can rest early, alright? Or… When I go home tonight, I’ll kneel down until you forgive me.”


Ruffled by his nagging, Freya halted her steps. “Do you know why I’m so mad? It’s because you didn’t pick up my call. Last night, I didn’t stop you from leaving the house nor interrupt your work, but can you please respect me? Putting myself aside, is the kid not as important as your work?”

“Don’t say that. You and the kid are very important. Both of you are my top priority. ” Rodney held her hand. “Dani usually behaves well. I had no idea why she suddenly cried last night. If I had known it, I would’ve come back straight away without caring about my work.”

Freya opened her mouth and fixed her eyes on his handsome, exquisite face.

She used to have complete trust in him. However, ever since he lied to her about his return from Cairns, she had not been able to tell whether he was truthful or not.

Nevertheless, she always thought, ‘What if it’s true? What if she misunderstood him?

“Let’s meet Courtney and get her to design the most beautiful wedding dress for you.”

Rodney headed toward the banquet hall with his arm around her waist.

Courtney Green was the leading wedding designer in Australia.

She treated Freya and Rodney courteously, considering their unusual status. She even showed Freya the design of her wedding dress.

The minute Freya saw the design, she fell in love with it. “I love this design.”

“You have great taste, Ms. Lynch. But because the dress features a lot of embroideries, it’ll take at least two months to create. After all, I’ll be the one embroidering the entire dress by hand.” Courtney smiled in a dignified manner.

“No problem.”

After that, Freya and Courtney exchanged phone numbers and chatted a lot about fashion.

Rodney was a little bored listening to their conversation at the side. At this moment, the organizer of the event happened to welcome him in person and took him to the guest room.

After chatting with Freya for almost half an hour, Courtney noticed there were some issues with the fashion show tonight. Hence, she went to handle it.

Freya sat on the couch and gazed at the scenery through the French window. She was not in a rush to look for Rodney.

“The fashion show is about to begin. Don’t you want to watch it?”

A figure walked up from behind.

Freya saw Ryan’s long and sturdy figure reflected on the window.

“What brings you here?”

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