Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1915

Freya turned around, only to see Ryan dressed in a dark suit. A ray of gorgeous light shone on his elegant, handsome face. He might look gentle with a smile, but she knew that in reality, he was restrained and stoic, just like his father, Prime Minister Snow.

“I received an invitation card, so here I am. ” Ryan shrugged. “Where’s Rodney? You look unhappy without his company.”

“He’s over there.” Freya then went quiet for a moment. “Ryan, have you heard of Mr. Micheal?”

Ryan shook his head. “What gives?”

“Can you help me nose around on him?” After some thought, Freya said, “Last night, Rodney didn’t come at all. He said that Mr. Micheal is an expert in lithium batteries, and I’m not quite sure about it.”

“You think he’s lying to you?” Ryan frowned. “I don’t think he would.”

“What do you mean?”

“Based on my understanding of him, he wouldn’t sink so low as to lie to you even though he speaks harshly and has a low EQ.” Ryan said, “He’s a direct person, but he doesn’t really know how to hide things.”

Deep down, Freya chuckled. She had thought the same as well.

That was why she still could not stop dwelling on it ever since Rodney lied to her.

“Perhaps I’m overthinking  it. Please help me to find out about it.” Freya pursed her lips. “I have no idea who to ask for help. Since you’re here and considered my little brother, how about you do me this favor?”

“A brother who’s three months younger than you?” Ryan darted a helpless yet doting look at her. “You might not feel ashamed  to call me your little brother, but I’m too shy to acknowledge it.”

Freya said dispiritedly, “That’s too bad you were born three months later than me. Your parents were the ones who acknowledged me as their goddaughter. ”

Ryan choked before laughing out loud. “Fine. I’ll do you this favor and give you an answer tomorrow morning.”

“So soon?” Freya was astonished.

“Duh. It’s just a small matter.” Ryan  shrugged.  “ I’m currently in charge of immigration, so I can just check it using the computer.”

Freya was at a loss for words.

It turned out that it was such an easy task for him.

At the sight of her dumbfounded expression, Ryan could not help but burst into laughter and touched her head. “Were you dwelling on this for a long time? Some things you don’t have to keep to yourself. You can always ask for my help.”

His words warmed Freya’s heart. Just as she was about to speak, Rodney’s fierce criticism rang out beside her.

“Ryan, what are you doing with your hand?” Rodney strode toward Ryan and slapped the latter’s hand off. With a cold tone, he said, “She’s your sister-in-law. Don’t touch her however you like.”

Ryan raised his brows, but those words made Freya uncomfortable. “What are you doing? He’s your cousin.”

“Even so, he shouldn’t put his hand on your head. ” Rodney snorted. He was clear about Ryan’s motive. “We have to keep boundaries with the opposite S*x.”

“Alright. I’ll be careful next time. ” Ryan dropped his gaze, which hid the annoyance in his eyes.

Then, he waved his hand and took his leave first.

As Freya watched Ryan leave, she felt that Rodney was too petty. “You’re right in saying that we have to keep boundaries with the opposite sex. But when I’m with my biological brother or Ryan, my non- biological little brother, we’re as clean as a whistle. Can you not make a big deal out of it? I don’t know  a lot of people in Canberra, but because of your behavior, Ryan and I will feel awkward when we see each other next time.”

“I didn’t say both of you can’t greet each other. I’m fine as long as he doesn’t touch you.”

Rodney’s mouth twitched. “I have no choice but to be petty because I care about you.”

He almost blurted out the word ‘jealous’. What else could Freya say?

After all, when men were jealous, it meant that they cared.

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