Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1916

It was already past 10:00 p.m. when they returned from the banquet.

Although Freya did not have a good rest last night, she was not as tired as she had taken a nap in the evening.

On the other hand, Rodney could not fight off his sleepiness when he was putting Dani to sleep.

He had not rested well as he had spent the night in Sarah’s apartment last night. He was exhausted.

When Freya turned around, Rodney had already fallen asleep on his side. One of his hands was resting on Dani, which was the same position when he was putting her to sleep.

Dani had not fallen asleep at all. She was still squirming on the bed.

Freya could confirm that Rodney had not rested well last night.

She recalled him saying that he was working.

Freya carried Dani out to not disturb Rodney’s sleep.

When Rodney woke up the next day, he saw that Freya was still sleeping. He suddenly remembered that he had fallen asleep first. He was embarrassed.

He quickly crept downstairs and saw Aunty Cally making breakfast. He went over. “Let me do it.”

“Okay. Madam Snow likes the breakfast that you make more, ” Aunty Cally said, “Moreover, Madam Snow most probably only went to sleep when it was almost morning.”

“Aunty Cally, didn’t you help her out?” Rodney could not help but ask.

“I wanted to, but Dani only wanted Madam Snow to carry her.” Aunty Cally sighed. “Madam Snow is very kind too. She was afraid that my body couldn’t take it as I’m old. I told her that she could take care of Dani for the first half of the night and I would take over afterward. When I woke up to look for her in the middle of the night, she told me to go to sleep again. At that time, Dani was lying in her arms and she would cry if there was even a slight movement. When I woke up in the morning, it seemed that Madam Snow’s arms were very sore.”

“In the future… I won’t spend the night outside except during business trips.” Rodney’s brows knitted in a tight frown upon hearing Aunty Cally’s words.

Aunty Cally nodded. There were some things that she could not point out directly.

After saying so much, it was good that Young Master Snow could understand.

Moreover, Aunty Cally really  thought  that Freya was very nice. She was not haughty, and she did not treat her as a maid.

No wonder everyone in the Snow family liked her.


Freya was disturbed from her sleep by her phone’s ringtone.

When the phone rang, she was instinctively worried about waking Dani. She quickly took her phone and went to the balcony. She only knew that it was Ryan who was calling after the call was connected.

“Were you still sleeping? I didn’t wake you, right?”

Ryan’s pleasant voice came through the phone. Freya yawned. “My sleep has already been interrupted because of you. What business do you have?”

“Did you forget what you asked me to do last night?” After Ryan spoke, Freya became wide awake. She remembered.

However, Ryan went silent.

Freya’s heart tightened. “How did the investigation go?”

“I’m sorry.” Ryan sighed. “I have to tell you the truth. The immigration department did record a Mr. Micheal entering Australia, but he came half a month ago and has already left the country around ten days ago. I was afraid that I was mistaken, so I even had someone investigate whether Mr. Micheal matched the person you mentioned. He’s indeed an expert in lithium batteries and has collaborations with Snow Corporation’s subsidiary company.

However, there’s no way he would’ve appeared in Australia in the past few days.”

Freya did not say a word. She simply gazed at the garden downstairs.

Her head was filled with the words Rodney had said yesterday.

“Freya, I’m sorry. I switched my phone to silent mode when I was talking to Mr. Micheal last night. I forgot about the time when we were talking. When I remembered, it was already dawn. I was scared that

I would disturb your sleep.

“Freya, I’m sorry. I swear that I’ll never switch my phone to silent mode again. I had no choice. Mr. Micheal knows a lot about technology. I was too engrossed in our conversation.

“ I didn’t know that Dani would cry all of a sudden last night. If I had known, I would’ve ditched my work and come back immediately.”

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