Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1920

9:00 p.m.

Freya heard the sound of a car returning from outside after she took a bath.

When she walked out in her pajamas, Rodney had just come in from outside. He was carrying Dani and kissing her.

“Madam Snow…” Aunty Cally greeted her.

When Rodney saw her, his eyes brightened. He immediately went over to Freya, wanting to hug her.

“Why are you back so late? What were you busy with?” Freya instinctively felt repulsed. She put her hands against his chest and deliberately said, “ I can smell women’s perfume on you.”

Rodney became flustered at that moment. It was impossible. He had only carried Sarah to the dining table during dinner that night. Did the smell get on him because of that? However, the scent could not possibly be that strong with just a touch. Did Freya have a dog’s nose?

“That’s impossible.”

Rodney widened his eyes and showed a wronged expression. “I didn’t even touch a woman’s hand today.”

“Really? But there’s indeed the smell of women’s perfume.” Freya looked at Rodney with a cold expression.

Actually, she did not smell anything. She just said that on purpose.

Although it was just an instant, she could sense that Rodney’s body had stiffened for a moment when her hand was resting on his chest and she was interrogating him.

“Maybe it’s because the female secretaries kept coming into my office, so their smell stuck on me.” Rodney showed a wronged expression. “Freya, don’t you know how pure of a man I am?”

“Go and take a bath.” Freya barely managed to squeeze a smile out on her face.

She did not want to face him anymore.

It was true that he had kept himself pure, but who did he do that for in the past?

She had really thought of Rodney as a careful man who would not fool around in relationships because he still kept his virginity despite being over 30 years old.


Freya used to think that Chester was a sc*mbag.

However, she felt that although a man like Chester was sc*mmy, at least he was open about it—unlike a particular man who desired another woman when he already had a wife.

He even acted out the role of a good husband and a good father.

He was too pretentious.

Why did Rodney become like this?

Freya would rather Rodney be straightforward with his words as he was in the past, even though his words might be harsh.

“Oh, okay. I’ll go take my bath, then.” Rodney nodded. “But, wifey, I really didn’t do you any wrong. I’ve never wanted another woman ever since the day I confessed to you.”

Freya nodded.

Rodney might not have thought of it before.

However, who knew what would happen in the future?

While Rodney was bathing, Freya quickly took the tracker out of her bag and inserted it into the SIM card slot of his phone.

Luckily, the tracker was tiny. It most probably would not be noticed for the time being.

At night, Rodney went near Freya and started touching her after Dani fell asleep.

When Freya recalled that he did not come back home the whole night before this, she instinctively felt defensive and repulsed.

If Rodney was hiding Sarah, he might have hugged her before.

Although Freya was not a clean freak, she still felt disgusted.

“I’m tired. I don’t want to… ” Freya pushed Rodney away.

“Wifey, we haven’t done it in two days…” Rodney hesitated for a moment. “I’m suffering.”

“Settle it yourself. Didn’t you live like that for more than 3o years before getting together with me?” Freya turned around so that her back was facing Rodney.

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