Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1921

Rodney’s expression was filled with frustration. How could the past compare to the present?

It was different for men once they had s*x. The sensation of it was unforgettable.

However, Rodney could see that Freya really did not want to do it. Maybe it was because he had been returning home too late in the past few nights.

He did not want to do that either, but Sarah was down with a cold and her leg was injured. He was worried, so he would go to visit her after he got off work.

After that, when he saw Sarah having her meal all alone, Rodney would think she was pitiful.

Therefore, he would have his meal there before he returned home.

Forget it. He would not go over for the time being. He would accompany Freya more.

Since then, Rodney returned home to be with Freya and their child every day after he got off work to make Freya happy.

Sometimes when Freya monitored his whereabouts, she would suspect whether she had been overthinking it.

After all, Rodney would either be at home or the company. Sometimes, he would have a meal with his business partners. His schedule was very organized.

On Sunday, the wedding planner came over to consult Freya and Rodney regarding the plans for the wedding venue.

The next day, the news that they were about to hold a wedding was trending and went viral.

[They’re finally having a wedding. Congratulations.]

[It seems that the Snow family is going to rent a private island to hold the wedding. That’s so enviable.]

[Right? I heard that Courtney Green designed the wedding dress. She’s an internationally renowned wedding dress designer. Her designs are worth tens of millions of dollars each.]

[Tens of millions is nothing. I heard that Young Master Snow even won a bid for a pink diamond worth 300 million dollars. He plans to put it on the bride’s finger on the day of the wedding.]

[Young Master Snow is such a good man. He’s handsome and rich. That Sarah didn’t treasure him in the past.]

[That’s right. Freya is so fortunate. Maybe she has a high EQ. She managed to turn a bad situation around into a good one.]

The netizens were all discussing that matter. The spotlight was on Freya, and everyone in the country was envious of her.

Freya, the person in the spotlight, was sitting in a cinema and having a date with Rodney.

She only knew that she was trending after glancing at her phone.

She saw that everyone was envious of her. Actually, she felt pretty nervous.

The fact that she and Rodney were having a wedding could not be hidden. However, she did not think it would spread that wide. If the wedding ended up getting canceled, it would be utterly embarrassing.

“Wifey, do you still want some popcorn? I’m about to finish it if you don’t take any.” Rodney handed the bucket of popcorn to Freya.

Freya glanced at the bucket. Rodney had almost finished up the popcorn.

She was speechless. This man liked to eat sweet stuff too much.

“I’m not eating. You can have it. I’m on a diet.” Freya waved her hand. Although she wanted to eat the popcorn, she still wished to lose ten more pounds.

“You don’t have to lose weight. You’re already beautiful.” Rodney quickly flattered her.

“No, I’m not as pretty as you, ” Freya said coldly.

Rodney was rendered speechless.

Just as he was about to speak, his phone rang. It was the housekeeper he had hired for Sarah.

A gleam flashed across his eyes. “This place is too noisy. I’ll go out to pick up the call.”

Rodney hurriedly walked out. After the call was connected, the nanny’s lowered voice could be heard. “Young Master Snow, do you want to… come over tonight? Miss Neeson drank a lot of wine.

She’s drunk.”

Rodney’s expression darkened. “Sarah’s leg injury hasn’t recovered yet. How could she have wine?

Where did the wine come from? Why didn’t you stop her?”

“The wine was delivered to the doorstep. I wanted to stop her, but I saw that she was in a bad mood. I think she even cried in her room this evening. She didn’t have much food during dinner either. She told me not to tell you, but I think she’s quite drunk right now…”

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