Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1922

“Try to persuade her. I’ll come over later…”

Just as he finished speaking, he heard the housekeeper’s voice. “Miss Neeson, don’t move… Ah, let’s get up… Young Master Snow, I can’t talk to you right now. She’s drunk and she fell.”

The call ended with a beep. Rodney became anxious.

However, the movie still had an hour remaining.

He looked at the time and went downstairs immediately.

In the cinema, a phone buzzed with a notification.

Freya lowered her head and took a look. Rodney had sent her a Whatsapp message. [Freya, something happened in a company that’s under my name. I’m going over first, so I won’t be watching the movie with you. I’ve already informed the driver to pick you up. You can contact the driver after you’re done watching the movie.]

After remaining silent for a long time, Freya could only process the information after gazing at the message again.

She had been abandoned halfway through the movie.

What urgent company matters had occurred that made him be in such a hurry?

Freya turned on the tracking device on her phone. She saw that Rodney’s location was moving quickly. It seemed that he was really in a rush.

Half an hour later, Freya confirmed that Rodney was not going to the company. Instead, he was heading to an unfamiliar place. It was a property that was developed a few years ago.

After the movie ended, she got in the driver’s car. She saw that Rodney’s location was stationary at that place.

Upon checking it on her phone, that place seemed to be a high-class condominium.

Technology had become so advanced that she could simply search it up on her phone without going to the exact location.

”When Rodney got to the condominium, Sarah was already lying on the bed. Her face was flushed red from being drunk. The housekeeper was afraid that he would blame her, so she quickly explained, “I just managed to help her onto the bed. She kept saying that she still wants to drink.”

“Why did she suddenly want to drink wine?” Rodney asked puzzledly.

The housekeeper thought about it for a moment. “ She was already quite unhappy as she was staying home every day. She was playing on her phone this evening. Then, she went back to her room. After that, I accidentally saw her crying…”


Rodney frowned. Could Sarah have seen the trending news that he and Freya were about to get married?

He had a feeling of helplessness in his heart. He rubbed his brows and said, “You can go out first. ”

After the housekeeper left, Rodney walked to the bedside.

Sarah looked at him with reddened eyes. Her gaze seemed unfocused. “Give me some wine. Let me be drunk. Living is just too tiring.”

“ Sarah, don’ t be like this.” Rodney did not know how to console her.

“Rodney, is that you?” Sarah cocked her head to the side. “Am I dreaming? Haha. How can you possibly be here? You should be accompanying your wife and child.”

Tears flowed as she spoke, “Actually, I’m really envious. I’m jealous of Freya and Catherine. Which part of me isn’t good enough compared to them? I just want to have simple happiness too. When I was young, my mom passed away. My dad married my stepmother soon after that. I know that she liked Charity more, so… I tried hard to be obedient and lived cautiously. I clearly knew that my brother wasn’t reliable. I clearly understood that… He did many unforgivable things. But I had no choice. I only have my brother. I don’t have anybody else…

“Uhhh… I just want a man who loves me. I want a family. Why is it so hard…

“I’m like a mouse that can only hide in the corner forever. I feel disgusted with myself.”

Sarah slapped herself hard. Rodney’s throat felt bitter.

“Sarah, don’t be like this. ” He quickly pulled her hand. “Listen to me. I’ll protect you.”

“ I’m so, so tired. Sometimes,  I feel like it’s better to die rather than continue living.” Sarah flung herself into Rodney’s embrace and started wailing.

Facing Sarah, who was crying, Rodney could not push her away at all.

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