Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1923

That was Rodney’s first time seeing Sarah this way. Maybe this was Sarah’s true self.

Late into the night.

When Freya heard the sound of the door opening downstairs, she glanced  at her phone.  It was already 2:00 a.m.

Rodney had stayed in that condominium until 2:00 a.m.


Freya closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

20 minutes later, Rodney lay down beside her lightly.

Freya noticed that Rodney was having trouble falling asleep. He kept tossing and turning.

Although he did it lightly, she still noticed it because she could not sleep too.

She thought about many things in her head.

The night had never felt so long before.

In the morning, she acted as if she was waking up from her sleep.

Rodney got up too. His eyes were red. “Wifey, I’m sorry. I had some urgent matters yesterday. Was the movie… nice?”

“Have you taken care of the problem?” Freya asked calmly, “What happened to the company?”

“Oh, a fire broke out at a small company that I invested in previously.” Rodney had already thought of an excuse.

“Really? Where is it?”

“ In the north of the city.” Rodney was afraid that she would keep asking. He quickly yawned. “I’m going to sleep a little more.”

He did not know how complicated and full of disappointment Freya’s gaze was when he turned to his side.

She thought she was already numb. However, she still found it ridiculous every time Rodney lied.

He could even lie about fires now?

Freya had the urge to drag him off the bed and expose his lies to make him feel humiliated and embarrassed. Then, she would shed all pretenses and divorce him.

However, she could not do that. They still had a child together.

Freya could not alarm him. What if he let Sarah escape beforehand?

As Freya changed her clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror. She recalled how reckless she used to be in the past. She did everything solely based on her passion.

That was because her parents and her brother had pampered her ever since she was young.

After leaving her family and entering society, she had experienced harsh lessons one after another.

She did not understand what she was lacking.

Maybe someone like her should not have put too much importance on relationships.

While Rodney was still sleeping at home, Freya drove the car and went out.

On the way, she gave Catherine a call. “Go to a place with me. I’ll pick you up in half an hour.”

When the car arrived at the Hill family’s manor, Catherine quickly got in. She was stunned when she saw Freya’s bloodshot eyes. “Did you not get any sleep last night? You want me to go somewhere with you. Could it be Rodney— ”

“He stayed at  this location until 2:00 a.m. last night. I’ve already searched it up. It’s a condominium.” Freya tossed her phone to Catherine. “He told me that a fire occurred at one of the companies he invested in. He immediately left me alone in the cinema and went over. I’m not too sure whether Sarah is hiding there or not, but we can go over to have a look.”

“Okay. Let’s go and have a look. If it’s not Sarah, at least we wouldn’t have caused unnecessary alarm.” Catherine glanced at Freya worriedly as she spoke, “ Look at the state you’re in. Let me drive.  You can take a rest.”

“I won’t be able to fall asleep even if I rest. I’ll think about nonsensical things instead.” Freya started the car.

Upon hearing that, Catherine could not say anything else. It required about an hour to get to that place.

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