Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1924

Within that hour, Catherine had already contacted Elle of Liona. Elle investigated the matter quickly.“ The condominium was built by Glory Properties three years ago. There are three shareholders in Glory Properties, Frankie Hayes, Zac Lawrence, and Rory Wooten.”

“Rory Wooten?” Freya frowned. “I think I’ve heard of that name before. Oh, some time back… Rodney said he was going to a meal to celebrate his friend’s birthday. That friend’s name is Rory Wooten.”

After she spoke, her heart felt even colder. “Could Rodney be using his friend’s house as a cover to hide a woman?”

Catherine did not reply to Freya. She asked Elle, “

When you were searching for Sarah before, have you checked this area?”

Elle hesitated for a moment and said, “That’s an expensive neighborhood. Many of the owners are Canberra’s noblemen who are using the houses as a n investment. When we were conducting our investigation, the management of the neighborhood said the residents were complaining. Afterward, Snowden’s members came and said they were familiar with that area. Therefore, we handed that area to Snowden’s men. They said there were no signs of Sarah there.”

She added after pausing for a moment, “Moreover, we didn’t think Sarah would be staying there back then. After all, a social security card is required for registration. Therefore, we prioritized older houses more.”

Catherine understood.

She had asked Shaun about it before. She had her suspicions when she heard that Rodney had become the person in charge of Snowden.

She did not expect that her suspicions were about to become real.

“Elle, bring some people over and wait secretly near the condominium. Don’t tell Shaun about this for now, and don’t let Snowden’s people find out too. Also, investigate which units belong to Rory Wooten.”

After Catherine hung up the call, Freya’s face had gotten paler. “Is Sarah really inside?”

“There’s a 5o percent chance.” Catherine nodded. “ Your tracker only detected that Rodney was in this condominium last night. It couldn’t detect the exact unit number. We’ll have to investigate it.”

Freya nodded. She was still confused and at a loss.

She could not understand why Rodney was hiding Sarah. Did he love her that much?

When Catherine and Freya arrived below the condominium, Elle had found out the units under Rory’s name. However, the entire l9th and 20th floors were his.

Luckily, Liona had hackers. They quickly hacked into the management’s system and checked the information of the residents who lived on those two floors.

“Miss Jones, the hackers have found out Rory’s utility bills and rental information. After filtering, the earliest time when some units were rented out was three years ago, while the latest was two months ago. Only three units under his name are empty. However, there’s a unit numbered 1go8 that isn’t rented out, yet water and electricity are being used every day.”

“When did that situation start?” “Half a month ago.”

“Okay. I got it.”

Catherine nodded.

The call was on speakerphone, and Freya was already deep in thought.

After a moment, she took out her phone and checked something. “It was two days before Rodney went on a business trip to Cairns. He even lied to me when he came back from Cairns. I didn’t know where he went for that whole evening and night. His clothes were different when he returned too.”

Freya could more or less guess it. It turned out that Rodney was at this place.

Anger flashed across Catherine’s eyes too. What did Rodney take Freya for?

“Do we go up like this?”

Freya had come around and calmed down. “ Rodney’s men may be hiding near the condominium. If we alarm them, will he arrange for Sarah to leave?”

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